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Friday, 28 August 2009

Just received my third google adsense payment

I am very pleased today as I checked my bank account and realised I had received my third google adsense payment by electronic funds transfer. In my opinion this is one of the best ways to receive your google adsense earnings as it saves you the hassle of having to visit your bank to cash or lodge your checks. Receiving your google adsense earnings via electronic funds transfer is available for a range of countries and currencies. Check out google help to see if it is available for you.

For those interested I received £252 ($421) from google adsense and while this month I have not reached the dizzy highs of last month I am still very pleased with my continued success with google adsense.

A big thanks to google for my third google adsense payment.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

How earn dollars with Xomba

Xomba is one of the best google adsense revenue sharing sites and if you are not a member I suggest you join. However I for one was not convinced when I joined at the start as I earned very very little. I went away clicked on some ptc sites for a while and got paid a few dollars and thought this is so easy. Before long ptc sites turned to scams and I stopped getting paid. It was then I realised that google adsense and Xomba were the things I was looking for to make money all along.

I decided to investigate Xomba and created a few posts and sure enough earned some cents. The breakthough came one day when I earned over $10 from one post, I sat up and thought this site is for real. I dont make $10 everyday from Xomba, but I do try and post 2 or maybe 3 xomblurbs a day there. This month so far I have made $82 with Xomba, pretty good considering there are another 11 days left this month. Xomba alone will earn me enough to receive a google adsense check and I use other sites as well as Xomba. So how do you know what to post at Xomba, I mean there is just so much information on the net.

1) Post something you are interested in. No point posting about plastic surgery if you dislike it and know nothing about it.

2) Look at google trends. For example coming up to Valentines day you may wish to post links to site that offer valentines day flowers, chocolates, poems, cards etc. Millions and millions of people will be searching for this information, so if you write a catchy title and good content, chances are they may land on your post

3) Monitor your posts. Everytime you write a xomblurb or xombyte, add it's URL to your google adsense channels and monitor the impressions and clicks. If it gets no impressions or clicks, go back and edit it, perhaps chance some keywords. However if it does get many impressions, write something similar. Currently I am writing many many xomblurbs on sports and monitoring them, if I see something does well I repeat the process over and over.

4) Promote your work. Xomba has a very high alexa rank, in the top 2000, but if you want more visitors to your work, then add xomblurbs and xombytes to social networks such as reddit, propeller and so forth. If you visit social marker then are many many social networks advertised there.

5) Write often and as much as possible. The more you write generally the more you will earn. It is sometimes good to stick to the same niches too, so if someone ends up on one of your posts and wants to explore more they may end up on another of your posts.

6) Use keywords with little direct competition. If you pick popular keywords that are not used by other sites then your post will rank higher in the search engines.

I full recommend Xomba to all thos wishing to earn some google adsense revenue. However patience is the key and some things work better for some people compared to others, but you will not know unless you try. Join Xomba here and let me help you.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Updates on my freelance writing progress

Firstly two apologies, one is for the fact that I have not posted here for a few weeks now, and two is for the fact that my blogger template went a bit funny on me today, hope it is fixed now and people can read my blog again.

As the months have been progressing I have been putting more effort into google adsense and my blogs, and diverting away from freelance writing sites such as Helium, and so forth, not that there is anything wrong with these sites. I just felt for the amount of effort I was putting in I deserved more of a monetary reward and decided to investigate google adsense.

My google adsense earnings are slightly down this month but I am pleased to report I still have earned a few hundred dollars from there this month. I will be posting my earnings in depth in another 10 days or so. I love learning more and more about google adsense and what things get me the most traffic and indeed earnings. Other big news is the fact that me and two colleagues are in discussions to create our own google adsense revenue sharing site, and hopefully this will be live sometime soon, will keep you posted.

Thats me for now, just wanted to let you know I am still around and still very much working with freelance writing specifically google adsense. Next post I am going to give you some tips on how to succeed and earn some dollars with Xomba.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

August- Earnings report

I cannot believe it is the 1st August already so it is time once again to update my readers with my July earnings, and what a fabulous month I had.

Firstly I did not write anything for Helium, Triond or Associated Content as I am concentrating on google adsense. However I managed to do much better on all three sites this month earning wise.

Helium earned me $17.20 for pageviews alone. Now I really wish I had written something on Helium to boost my earnings to $25.

Triond earned me $0.76, so I will receive a small payment from there

Associated Content earned me $1.70, so I qualify for a payment from there too

Adsdaq, the new advertising I have on all my blogs, earned me $6.88, a massive improvement on last months, however still not enough for the $50 payment.

I have saved the best to last, google adsense earned me $421. I am still experiencing great success with my google adsense revenue sharing sites, plus I have started some more niche blogs. I am going to have a hard time this month beating last months total!!

Total earnings $447.54, almost three times last months earnings!!