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Sunday, 4 October 2009

October Earnings report- see what I earned in September 2009

I have not had as much time online recently due to the birth of my first niece two weeks ago. Work and other aspects of life in general are meaning I am spending less and less time online in my pursuit of a $1000 month from google adsense.

Despite this my online earnings are still very respectable in their own right given the lack of time and effort being put in.

I no longer write on my writing sites but they do still continue to pay me so I will mention them here

Triond 50 cents
Helium $15
Adsdaq $6.11

And as usual my biggest earner was google adsense which brought me in £218
I have been spending some time trying to write for higher paid keywords and popular topics.

Xomba £113 This is the most I have earned on Xomba in a long time due to me writing on more high paying keywords.

Webanswers £73.97, Webanswers paid its users $6000 in September so that is a good thing to entice me into answering more questions

Footy Blog £23.38 Best amount earned on my footy blog

Hubpages £3.60 A record amount on hubpages. Hubpages has a great alexa rank and this should encourage me to write more

Generic blog £ 1.78

Infobarrel £1.30

Other google adsense earnings come from odds and ends.

Probably the biggest thing for me is the fact that I now have to pay tax on my google adsense earnings, and even worse is the fact that it is 40% tax.

With regards to this month I am not going to set any aims or goals and am going to try and do as much as I can. So far my online earnings have allowed me to purchase £500 of premium bonds so you cannot beat that.