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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Writing on hot trends on Squidoo

Many people struggle to find inspiration and ideas for their writing, and occasionally I am one of them, but normally I am bursting with ideas. If I am stuck and my mind is blank I normally focus on hot trends or current trends, whether it be the latest Disney character or a particular season.

One hot trend I have written about is Fifty Shades of Grey, my Squidoo page '10 books like fifty shades of grey' is one of my best Squidoo lenses at present. I do know that this is not an evergreen topic but I have found that you can do quite well with hot topics. This page is ranked second in Google for the keywords 'books like fifty shades of grey'. I should work on backlinks and move it to number one spot,as there is quite a difference in traffic between number one and number two position in Google.

If you are looking for current trends to write about I would suggest Valentine's Day themed articles, St Patricks Day themed articles and even Easter pages

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Why am I a freelance writer

Well throughout this blog I have talked about various writing sites I use to make money, but did I ever tell you why I actually write? If I did apologise for being repetitive.

I write because I enjoy it. The thing I enjoy most apart from making money, is seeing traffic spikes to my online content. The majority of my online writing is at Squidoo where I am doing very well. I am finding my offline job stressful due to long hours including nightshifts and weekend work. I like many other people believe life is for living and it is far too short so I want to maintain a balance between work and play. When I am not at my offline job I am either on the internet or with my family or boyfriend. I want to devote more time to online writing and my family and less to my offline job, therefore I have asked for less hours in my offline job. I have only been able to do this because I have worked so hard online building up my portfolio of work. This has helped me overpay my mortgage significantly reducing my debt and monthly payments. I like to play it safe so if my online portfolio disappeared completely and I had less hours in my offline job I could still manage. Therefore I will be spending as much of my free time as possible expanding my horizons online and paying down my mortgage debt.

Why do you write?