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Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Earnings Report- See my record earnings for April 2010 over $500

April was a fantastic month for me, I had my highest ever google adsense earning. I am so pleased, it will be very hard to match this month. I also purchased the last of the premium bonds taking my total holding up to £1200. I think I will use my online earnings for overpaying my mortgage. I also got my first Adsdaq payment, into my paypal account.

Google Adsense Earnings Summary

Total Google Adsense Income April £303.46 ($465.30)

Webanswers google adsense income £183.26 ($281)
Snipsly google adsense income £50.25 ($77.04)
Tinybitsofthisandthat Blog income £28.08 ($43.05)
Football Blog Income £19.75 ($30.28)
Xomba google adsense income £14.73 ($22.58)
Hubpages google adsense income £2.97 ($4.55)
Triond google adsense income £1.86 ($2.85)

There were other smaller sources of google adsense income such as infobarrel

Other advertising income

Chitika $2.50
Kontera $9.51
Adsdaq $9.08

Other freelance writing income

Helium $35.50
Associated Content $5
Triond $0.31 ( not counting google adsense income shown above)

Amazon Affiliate income $32.42

Next month I hope to be sharing Mahalo Income. I did make around $30 from their in April 2010.

Total April 2010 Earning is $589.61 which is £385