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Saturday, 7 August 2010

August earning reports 2010 and news

I have abandoned my beloved blog for the last 3 months!! But now I am back. First things first here are the sites I am currently working on and my respective July income:-

Webanswers £134.08 ($213)
Helium $128.64, $55 of which was upfronts and the rest pageviews.
Hubpages £46.30 ($74)
Amazon Affiliates $38
Snipsly £44.80 ($71.50)
Total Adsense £248 ($396) (other adsense is from xomba, triond and blogs)
Kontera $3.67

Total July earnings is $566.31 A NEW RECORD!! Wonder can I do $600 in August :)

Last month represented a great month earnings wise, as I reached £248 from Google Adsense in total. I had a very successful Hubpage, which was based on a longtail keyword, which did very well in both Google Adsense and Amazon, and possibly Snipsly.

As for Helium I wrote many quality articles and started promoting my articles through social networks. My next article will be on the promotion tools available for freelance writers and how they can drastically increase your earnings.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Earnings Report- See my record earnings for April 2010 over $500

April was a fantastic month for me, I had my highest ever google adsense earning. I am so pleased, it will be very hard to match this month. I also purchased the last of the premium bonds taking my total holding up to £1200. I think I will use my online earnings for overpaying my mortgage. I also got my first Adsdaq payment, into my paypal account.

Google Adsense Earnings Summary

Total Google Adsense Income April £303.46 ($465.30)

Webanswers google adsense income £183.26 ($281)
Snipsly google adsense income £50.25 ($77.04)
Tinybitsofthisandthat Blog income £28.08 ($43.05)
Football Blog Income £19.75 ($30.28)
Xomba google adsense income £14.73 ($22.58)
Hubpages google adsense income £2.97 ($4.55)
Triond google adsense income £1.86 ($2.85)

There were other smaller sources of google adsense income such as infobarrel

Other advertising income

Chitika $2.50
Kontera $9.51
Adsdaq $9.08

Other freelance writing income

Helium $35.50
Associated Content $5
Triond $0.31 ( not counting google adsense income shown above)

Amazon Affiliate income $32.42

Next month I hope to be sharing Mahalo Income. I did make around $30 from their in April 2010.

Total April 2010 Earning is $589.61 which is £385

Saturday, 3 April 2010

April 2010 Earnings Report- see how much I earned in March 2010

I love doing these freelance writing earnings posts to let other writers and bloggers know that it is very possible to earn hundreds of dollars every month from the internet. I was on holidays twice in March and still managed to get my second highest ever google adsense income, plus I did something I never managed to do before. A record month for adsdaq too and I am very happy. April has also started out rather well for me.

Google Adsense March 2010- £233.04 ($354)
Half of my google adsense came from webanswers, and the other half came from two of my blogs, snipsly triond and xomba.

Helium- I managed over $19 in page views from Helium in March 2010, another record in page view earnings. As a result I am super motivated to make $25 from pageviews in April, and have written three new helium articles already.

Triond - $0.32 from pageviews. It is also important to mention that I got over $5 from Triond in google adsense. I am pleased with this cos I no longer write at Triond. I am considering submitting some more keyword research articles there.

Associated Content- $0.73. A site where I no longer write, although I always had dreams of getting to clout 10 lol.

Adsdaq- I worked hard on my blogs this month and did get good traffic on some days. My March earnings at Adsdaq were $15.24. This took me over $62 in total on Adsdaq, so now I am waiting on my first payout. This shows me how good a money maker blogs can actually be and encourages me to build some niche content blogs with backlinks which will help sustain traffic.

Chitika- $0.80, not great. But better than nothing. Plus payout is at $10 so should reach it by year end.

Kontera- $0.61, I only started using Kontera during the middle of March.

Amazon Affilates- now for the thing Ive never done before. Yep thats right I eventually sold two affiliate products from amazon off my hubpages getting me $9.68. Hubpages". Hubpages is a great way to earn google adsense and sell affiliate products.

March 2010 writing total earnings $400.55 (£263). Can I earn more than $400 in April 2010? I hope so. If you want to know keep following my freelance writing blog

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hubpages March Helpful Health Hubs Contest

Hubpages is running a free writing contest all thoughout March. In order to enter the Hubpages March contest you need to write three unique hubs daily on the topic mentioned under the contest. these hubs must be at least 300 words in length.

There will be a daily winner, drawn randomly. This winner will receive $50. The more hubs you do daily the more chance you have of winning.
There will also be a two weekly winners, who will each receive $100.
There will be a grand winner, who will receive $1000.

Hubpages Contest Topics
Friday, March 19:
Quick Workouts
Saturday, March 20:
Cardio & Aerobic ExerciseSunday
March 21:
Especially for Men
March 22:
Vitamins & SupplementsTuesday
March 23:
March 24:
Healthy Cooking
March 25:
Food Allergies
March 26:
Food Additives
March 27:
March 28:
Nutrition Tips & Advice

If you want to be in with a chance of winning one of the Hubpages contest prizes then you need to sign up for Hubpages. And remember Hubpages shares 60% of google adsense revenue with you, as with as amazon affiliate sales.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

February 2010 Earnings Report

This earnings report is delayed as I was on holiday for a while at the start of March. I am pleased to say my google adsense revenue in February was back up to the recent highs of 2009. I also had a record adsdaq earning month. This was all due to alot of work on my blogs and posts on the Olympics and Oscars.

Google Adsense February 2010 revenue £225.45 ($342)
Adsdaq Revenue £8 ($12.15)

I only wrote a few articles on Helium and a Helium how to and earned around $19 for my efforts

March google adsense revenue is much less than feb since I was on holidays for the first part of the month. However I will try and work as hard as possible to ensure I earn a decent income from google this month. Other news is that snipsly are now offering kontera revenue, so I have just signed up for kontera and will be monitoring my kontera revenue closely.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Freelance bloggers - paid bloggers writing ideas, my blogs and freelance writing updates

This week I have been neglecting my freelance writing sites like Helium, in favour of working on my blogs. I have two main blogs I update a football streaming blog, and a mixed bag blog. I have been updating these two blogs over the last week with trending topics and have noticed a surge in my earnings both on google adsense and adsdaq. One day last week I managed to earn $61 in adsense and over $4 in adsdaq.

Ideas for bloggers to write about this week are:-
Vancouver Winter Olympics- schedule, live streaming sports, medal count, videos of performances
Champions League football- four mroe champions league games this week
BAFTA- BAFTAs are on tomorrow and should get some decent traffic

Other news on my freelance writing work is that I am still waiting on getting my first how to guide published on Helium, and having my first task approved on mahalo. I am trying to experiment with new things so not to have all my eggs in one basket and to also help increase my passive income.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

How to earn a four figure income from writing year after year

If you are a keen freelance writer chances are you are doing it to make some extra cash. By extra cash I mean a four figure income. It is much easier than you think to earn a 4 figure income from writing year after year. So how do you go about earning thousands of dollars from writing each year. There are many ways you can earn thousands of dollars, a four figure income from freelance writing.

A four figure income from freelance writing the hard way!!

Earning a four figure income on Associated Content. If you are an associated content writer who does not get paid upfront payments you can earn thousands of dollars per year from your performance payments. However if you are a clout 1-6 then you need to get around 56000 page views per month to enable you to earn $84 per month and $1008 in one year. That is alot of pageviews and would require alot of writing. Even if you were a clout 10 you and received $2 per 1000 views, you would still require 42000 pageviews a month.

Some easier ways to earn a four figure income from writing

1) Earning a four figure income from Even if you do not enter a contest or sell a marketplace article you can still earn a four figure income from Helium easier than what you could at AC. It goes without saying that if you did win contests and sell marketplace articles you could make thousands easier. Anyway back to the average writer who cannot win a writing contest or sell an article. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars from Helium each year because Helium pay all their writers upfront payments if they have a writing star. Now say you have four writing stars this means you qualify for $2 per article and $3 for empty titles. By writing 400 articles in a year, 200 at $2 an article, and 200 at $3 an article you earn $1000 for upfront payments alone. 400 articles a year is around 33 articles a month. Now you would not need to write as much as this as you will be earning page view payments for your articles and you may sell an article through stock content. This is a much easier way to earn thousands of dollars year after year from freelance writing.

2) Mahalo.Com

Mahalo is a site I have just joined recently, and the earning potential is endless. You can earn from answering questions, tasks, managing pages and creating how to articles. Mahalo pays you a percentage of the adsense revenue from the pages you manage. They also pay you sometimes as much as $12 for creating a page. Many users are making thousands of dollars per month from this site. I will give updates after I have used to site for a while.

3) Google adsense- I will consider adsense again, as I have posted over and over again how much money I make from it. I do earn a four figure income from google adsense every year.

4) Freelance writing job sites such as odesk, guru, elance and getafreelancer

Earning a four figure income from writing is easier than you think. Get started now and earn thousands of dollars from freelance writing each year.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Easiest ways to increase daily google adsense revenue

If you use google adsense as a source of income and you are not happy that your google adsense revenue is increasing as much as you would like there are several things you can do. Increasing your daily google adsense revenue will take some work but will be worth it.

Firstly it makes sense you need to write more in order to increase your daily google adsense revenue. If you have a website or blog make sure you add blog posts on a daily basis. This means the search engines will index your posts and your blog post will appear in many updated feeds. If you work for a google adsense revenue sharing site the same applies. Taking webanswers as an example, try and answer a set number of questions each day and ask a set number too. After a month or so you should see an increase in your daily google adsense revenue.

Secondly write on some niche blogs. Blogs are free to create, all you have to do is keep them up to date. I have several niche blogs as well as a current trends blog. I try to post on each of these blogs several times a week in order to increase traffic and also to increase daily google adsense revenue. However it is hard to stay committed to several blogs. If I can sustain traffic and daily google adsense revenue to a particular blog I may hire a writer to update it for me

Another good way to increase your daily google adsense revenue is to write on current trends. Current trends are searched for by billions of people worldwide so if you write a good story with suitable keywords and a catchy title you could get lots of visitors. Thousands of visitors are a great way to increase daily google adsense revenue. I may try and do a weekly post suggesting some current hot trends for people to write on. I never have enough time to exploit all trends so I may as well share them.

Finally employ SEO. Many people find SEO difficult so I think I will try a do a post on how to use SEO for beginners some time soon. Basically SEO focuses on selecting a keyword. The keyword selected should be popular and with little competition. Therefore when you write a blog post with this keyword in the correct keyword density your blog should rank high in google search. However this depends on how many backlinks you have to your blog, the page rank of your blog, and the other competing sites page rank and backlinks for this particular keyword.

Friday, 5 February 2010 writing review- why everyone should write for Factoidz is yet another paying freelance writing site. Factoidz may be a new site but it is receiving a large amount of traffic on a daily basis, and traffic means money. Factoidz current alexa rank is 26762 with 360 links linking in. Factoidz also has a page rank of 4 meaning it ranks well in google search engine.

Factoidz is good for new writers and those starting out who want to experiment with SEO. The fact that the minimum payment is set low at $1. Factoidz pays into paypal. Why not give Factoidz a try. You can write about anything on factoidz, but the best articles are those that are focused on current trends such as Valentines day and the superbowl. You get paid a certain rate depending on whether your articles are rated low, medium or high quality, and after you write 20 articles you move on to the stage of staff writer. Staff writers are supposed to get higher rates than normal writers.

After joining factoidz you normally have to go through an approval process before you can start writing. This process involves submitting one of your previously published articles on another writing site and its URL.

However if you join Factoidz under me here you will not have to go through the approval process, instead you will be immediately approved as a writer.

Monday, 1 February 2010

January Earnings Report 2010

Okay the first month of 2010 was good to me, and I hope it is a sign of things to come. This time last year I was barely scraping $50 a month. Now I am making a few hundred dollars each and every month.

So where did my money come from in January
Income from blogs and revenue sharing - Google adsense $230.97
Adsdaq $1.64
Income from freelance writing - Helium $41.58, of which $22.58 was from pageviews. My highest pageview payment from Helium so far.

I am also expecting some squidoo earnings, which I will post around the 15th February.

Plans for this month are generally to keep writing on Helium and to increase my pageview earnings to $25. I am also wanting to gain more traffic to my blogs and to keep my google adsense income stable

So far my google adsense income has bought me £900 of premium savings bonds. So I am hoping to have £2000 of these bonds by the end of 2010.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

How to earn more money on Webanswers

I have been asked by many people how to succeed on webanswers or how to earn money on webanswers and now I have decided to help all you webanswers fans out by posting some tips on how I use webanswers to make me over $100 each month. Before I start I do not spend all day on webanswers and during this last month I would say I have spent under 10 hours either asking or answering questions on webanswers and still managed over $160. That equates to $16 an hour.

The best ways to make money on webanswers or indeed any revenue sharing site are the same.

1) Quality- If you are asking or answering a question make sure you are specific and incorporate true facts and detail.
2) Use popular high paying keywords, check out the adwords keyword tool for finding keywords and their estimated cpc. Pick a keyword that is popular and has a high click vale.
3) Quantity - the more answers and questions you post the bigger chance you have of gaining more revenue. I aim to answer at least 100 questions a month and ask at least 50.
4) Create backlinks to your rewarded answers and any questions you ask. By creating backlinks not only are you increasing the traffic to your content you are also helping to boost webanswers visibilty in the search engines as a whole. Webanswers is currently page rank 4, if it gets to 5 we will see another surge in earnings and traffic I am sure as answers will rank higher. There are many sites you can use to backlink to your content including xomba,snipsly, hubpages, squidoo, infobarrel and others.

By following these tips you should see your earnings grow month by month and you should make enough money from webanswers to get a google adsense check each month after answering as little as 500-1000 questions.

Join webanswers

High paying ghostwriting jobs February 2010

If you are a freelance writer and you are looking for some high paying writing jobs in February you have come to the right place for high paying ghostwriting jobs.

Ghost writing job paying between $5000 - $10 000 for 8-10 250 word articles per week on the following topics: Christianity, Christian parenting, Homeschooing, Problems with public school, parenting teens, social justice, teen concerns, service learning
social entrepreneurism, christian.

Ghostwriter required for travel articles on Kenya website. Ghostwriter is required for 450 hours work, 40 hours each week. The hourly rate for this ghostwriting job is $10-$15 but requires extensive knowledge of Kenya.

Ghostwriter for psychological book on the angry child pays between $10 000 and $25 000.

To apply for any of these high paying ghostwriting jobs check them out here

Saturday, 23 January 2010

High Paying Freelance writing jobs for Finance Bloggers January/February 2010

If you enjoy blogging and are looking for a high paying freelance writing job for January 2010 then you should consider the numerous paid blogging opportunities online.

There are several high paying freelance writing jobs for those interested in finance and investing. In my opinion here are the top three finance blogging jobs available at the minute.

One high paying writing job which caught my eye was a tax blogger job. This blogger job will involve writing one article of around 750-1000 words per week, and will likely pay quite well due to the high paying niche. There are three high paying jobs going and if you know a lot about tax saving tips, the IRS and how to fit taxes into your investment strategy then you should definately apply. Unfortunately in order to get this high paying writing job you should probably possess a qualification in taxes and be working currently in that field. This is likely to be a long term writing job which will pay quite well so if you meet the credentials get applying.

If you are interested in credit cards and credit card debt then perhaps you may be interested in the second high paying writing job I am going to feature which is Credit / Personal Finance Blogger. This writing job requires you to write around 3-5 articles per week and be able to use wordpress. No payment given but I am sure if you are a quality writer you could discuss payment. You can only apply for this high paying writing job if you reside in the USA or Canada.

Another finance blogging job is looking for those that are interested in writing about budgeting. They are also looking for experience in the finance field and qualifications would look good and possibly net you this high paying writing job. This is also likely to be a long term writing position which requires 500 word posts and pays between $20-$30 per blog post.

Check out jobs section for many more high paying freelance writing jobs for bloggers

Thursday, 21 January 2010

How to get more pageviews to your articles

If you are a freelance writer or indeed blogger you will want to know how to get more pageviews. In the writing world more pageviews equals more money. Sites like Associated Content pay $1.50 for each 1000 page views, so if you can write 5 articles a day which get 1000 pageviews each you earn $7.50. If you struggle to get pageviews to your articles here are a few things you can do to get more.

1)Use SEO ;it has been said over and over again but it is true. If you use a popular keyword which has little direct competition then you have a good chance of featuring on the first page of google for this keyword. If this keyword is searched for 100 000times a month you have a great chance of getting thousands of page views. Of course if you are in the top position in google you are likely to get at least 10% of the search engine traffic, which is 10 000 views.

2)Write on popular topics. Search on yahoo buzz or google trends for the things making the headlines. These topics do tend to have a lot of competition, but if you write a quality article, with a catchy title, and promote you should see a soar in page views. It is only a few weeks away from Valentines Day so you can be sure in the next week or two Valentines will be a trending topic. Do not get left behind start writing about Valentines now.

3) Promote your articles. Add your articles to Digg, reddit, social marker and other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and myspace, but be careful not to spam.

Getting more pageviews to your articles is easy with a bit of planning and forward thinking.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Squidoo Money- what I earned in Squidoo Royalties in January 2010

I have been on Squidoo for a while now but do not really create that many new lenses. Instead I have decided to focus on Hubpages and increase my google adsense income for the time being. In saying this I cannot knock Squidoo as lenses I created months ago are still earning me some money.

My squidoo earnings for November 2009, paid in January 2010 were $3.59. I have set my minimum squidoo payout at $1 so that I get a payment every month. I love squidoo earnings because they go into your paypal account. I love saving paypal funds for treats or to buy more premium savings bonds. Investment is the way to a richer future.

The breakdown of my squidoo earnings are as follows, first figure after brackets will represent Adsense and Glam Ad revenue, whereas second will be Infolinks :-

Olly Murs $3.06 (Tier 2 lens $2.49,$0.64)
Manchester United $0.15 (Tier 3 lens $0.12, $0.03)
Cristiano Ronaldo $0.15 (Tier 3 lens $0.12, $0.03
Neobux $0.15 (Tier 3 lens $0.12, $0.03)
Earning money from writing $0.03 (Tier 3 Infolinks only $0.03)
The best google adsense sharing sites $0.03 (Tier 3 Infolinks only $0.03)

If you were lucky enough to have a Tier 1 lens, that is a lens in the top 2000 you would have earned $14.63 in adsense and glam ad revenue and $3.77 for Infolinks, making a total of $18.40 for a Tier 1 lens.

The adsense revenue and infolinks revenue are increasing on a monthly basis meaning lensmasters are getting more squidoo money each month. How much did Squidoo pay you this month?

Fancy making a squidoo lens? Do you have a website or blog? Squidoo is a great way to build up backlinks to your website. Make a squidoo lens here

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snipsly Review -google adsense revenue sharing

Snipsly is a google adsense revenue sharing site which shares 80% of google adsense impressions with its users. Snipsly is a new site but already it has managed to obtain a pagerank of 2 and an Alexa Rank of under 60 000.

Creating a snipsly account is easy and after registering you are free to upload content via the wordpress platform. Each post should be at least 3 lines long and you can use snipsly to link to your online articles, blogs to help build pagerank and affiliate products. You can even add videos to your Snipsly posts and you can follow updates from Snipsly on Twitter.

My experience of Snipsly so far has been a good one. I have noticed a few dollars from the small number of posts I have done with Snipsly as well as traffic to several of my blogs, and squidoo lenses. In order to track your google adsense earnings from Snisply make sure you add to your google adsense channels.

Snipsly does not offer a referral scheme, but I think the 80% google adsense share is good enough. Who knows in a few years Snipsly may be ready to tackle Xomba!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Battle of freelance writing sites - Helium v triond v Associated Content

Which freelance writing site is best? Do you prefer Helium over Associated Content? Or is Triond your favourite? One of the ways I compare freelance writing sites is by how much money they pay.

Based on this fact I investigate and calculate my earnings at Helium, Associated Content and Triond. Associated Content and Triond have paid me between $10-$14 in 2009. Not very much at all. I did abandon my freelance writing at both these sites at a stage but I do have over 30 articles on each so would expect greater earnings. Now to Helium, where I had just over 100 articles in 2009. My Helium earnings were much greater than both AC and Triond combined last year as in 2009 I earned around $291. For some freelance writers this is buttons but since I abandoned Helium for a short time I am pleased.

My next step is to earn a four figure income in one year for my freelance writing at Helium. I will still continue with Triond simply because they now offer to pay through adsense on top of page view payments and referral income and occasionally I do get google adsense earnings from Triond.

Aims for this year are to get $50 in one months ad revenue from Helium as well as at least $1000 from upfronts, writing contests, marketplace and stock content. At the beginning of last year I was getting less than $8 dollars a month and now as of today I averaged 85 cents. My Helium balance for this month so far is $11.93, that is made up of $3 from December upfronts, and the other $8.93 is ad revenue.

Why every freelance writer should use twitter

Twitter is one of the best social networks out there and is extremely advantageous to a freelance writer for so many different reasons. Let me consider how twitter can help you as a freelance writer.

1) If you write an article for a paid to view site and you get paid for each pageview then you can benefit massively from twitter. However be cautious not to spam your links. It is best to write a small statement about your article and to enter in a keyword so that any followers that are interested in this keyword may read your article. The earning potential is unlimited. If you have 1000 followers interested in an article which pays 1 cent per pageview then you can have $10 just for posting one link. Gain more followers and write more articles and you could be earning tens of dollars daily.

2) By getting your freelance writing out there someone else may really like your article, and retweet it to their followers, thus increasing your earnings more, or even better may display a link to your article on their website. Going one step further you may even be offered a high paying freelance writing job if someone likes your style of writing. This may seem like a long shot but I have heard of several people getting writing gigs through twitter.

3) Similarly if your have a website and you share your website entries then someone may add your site to their site helping to increase your pagerank and traffic. This can only help your google adsense and affiliate sales. If you display a cpm network like adsdaq on your blog and you receive a good deal of US traffic then you will see some earnings too in your adsdaq account.

Remember do not spam twitter and add quality articles and postings that will appeal to your followers. If you think one of your followers would like something someone else has posted in theit twitter feed then retweet it. There is nothing better than helping a follower share their work and knowledge.

I have to apologise for lack of activity on this blog and lack of earnings updates. This is because things have not changed that much for me. I will update writing earnings soon.