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Friday, 5 February 2010 writing review- why everyone should write for Factoidz is yet another paying freelance writing site. Factoidz may be a new site but it is receiving a large amount of traffic on a daily basis, and traffic means money. Factoidz current alexa rank is 26762 with 360 links linking in. Factoidz also has a page rank of 4 meaning it ranks well in google search engine.

Factoidz is good for new writers and those starting out who want to experiment with SEO. The fact that the minimum payment is set low at $1. Factoidz pays into paypal. Why not give Factoidz a try. You can write about anything on factoidz, but the best articles are those that are focused on current trends such as Valentines day and the superbowl. You get paid a certain rate depending on whether your articles are rated low, medium or high quality, and after you write 20 articles you move on to the stage of staff writer. Staff writers are supposed to get higher rates than normal writers.

After joining factoidz you normally have to go through an approval process before you can start writing. This process involves submitting one of your previously published articles on another writing site and its URL.

However if you join Factoidz under me here you will not have to go through the approval process, instead you will be immediately approved as a writer.

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