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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Elance- your source of high paying writing jobs

Throughout the internet there are many freelance writing jobs available and one such source of freelance writing jobs is elance. Elance is an online job site where you can bid on many different jobs including writing and translation jobs. Here you get to set your own hourly rate and decide what jobs to apply for.

Initially you may have to bid on lower paying writing jobs in order to build up your positive feedback, but as soon as you have earned a good reputation the number of high paid freelance writing jobs you will get will increase. The good news is that there are a large number of high paid writing jobs on elance, where buyers will pay writers a substantial amount for SEO articles.

I just done a browse on Elance and found several high paying writing jobs:-

Business coaching focusing on financials- this client is looking for a financial ghostwriter to help them write a book which focuses on how small businesses can make their business more efficient and profitable. If you understand financial terminology then this freelance writing job could be for you. Even better is the fact that it will pay between $5000-$10000. I class this is a very high paid freelance writing job.

Travel ghostwriter - this client is looking for a ghostwriter to write 93 pages for a travel website. He is looking for 44 pages on 44 articles on holiday itineraries, five guides on specific areas, and 44 articles on the most unusual things to do in that country. You can bid on the whole writing job or on part of it. The total amount for the job is set at greater than $1000. Nice change for someone who is interested in travel ghostwriting.

If you are looking for a long term high paying freelance writing job then the long term SEO writer job may be just your thing. Articles here must be 150-400 words and on the topic of gambling. Gambling experience is preferred. Payment here is between $1000-5000, and is a modest amount for a freelance writing job.

If you are into Real Estate then there is a Real Estate related writer needed which pays between $1000-5000.

Read more about elance

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Next time I will be back with an update on my freelance writing earnings for May.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Textbroker - high paying writing job for US only

Textbroker is another of those paying writing jobs that is only available to US residents. Textbroker pays you per word depending on your writing quality, and here are the writing payments rates

2 star writers get 0.7 cent per word, so writing one thousand words daily would earn you $7
3 star writers get 1 cent per word, so writing one thousand words daily earns them $10
4 star writers get 1.4 cent per word, so writing one thousand words earns them $14
5 star writers get a modest 5 cents per word, so writing one thousand words earns them $50.

$50 a day for one thousand words is a reasonable amount for a freelance writer to be paid, although in order to become a 5 star freelance writer at textbroker you will need to ensure that your written articles are of the highest quality with no spelling mistakes, typos or grammatical errors. Writing quality is calculated over your previous 5 articles. However if you are a 5 star writer and you choose a level two article then you will be paid as a level 2 writer, ie 1 cent per word, so please ensure you take this into account when writing to certain articles.

Textbroker also lets you set your own payment rate, so that you can bypass bidding for article jobs, although textbroker charges a 25% commission fee, so take this into account when setting your price. Textbroker pays you once your accoutn reaches $10.

By using the different ways to earn Textbroker can turn into a nicest enough paying writing job.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Freelance writer jobs updates - adsense, and flipping

While I was away in Glasgow I managed to reach payout with google adsense. I have had another very successful month with google adsense and as a result my other freelance writing sites are most definately suffering. This month so far I have made over $40 with google adsense, and there is still another week left. I will have to wait until the second or third week of June before I receive my first adsense check but you can be certain when I get it I will update my freelance writer jobs readers with the good news. In the meantime I will continue to work on all my google adsense sites and make my adsense check a little fatter.

I am constantly planning how to increase my freelance writings earnings with as little effort as possible and I am considering either doing some squidoo lens flipping or website flipping, but as squidoo is free and does not require a paid domian name or hosting, I may try it first. The plan will be to select high paying popular keywords and then create several lens around these keywords. I will create the squidoo lens from scratch and then add backlinks to the squidoo lens and work on them until they reach the first page of google for their particular keyword. I will then charge at least $25 per squidoo lens. If I could work at a steady pace and do several squidoo lens a week after a few months I should be able to manage to sell a few squidoo lens on a weekly basis. If my squidoo lens were really good I could perhaps sell them for $50 or even more depending on the keywords used.

Off I go to my google adsense sharing sites. I am going to write SEO articles in order to help my google adsense revenue on its way

High paying freelance writing jobs - updated

I firstly have to apologise for my delay in posting on freelance writer jobs but I have been firstly to Glasgow for a shopping trip and then on a sun holiday in Spain. But now I am back to update freelance writer jobs.

If you are a freelance writer then you will want the highest paid writing jobs possible, after all time is money. One of the best places to look for high paying writing jobs is Helium Marketplace. Now I know most people associate Helium as a low payer but if you use the marketplace and are successful in selling your articles then you are onto a winner. If you submit several articles to the Marketplace and do not get any sales then you will still be paid an upfront payment (provided you have a writing and rating star)as well as page view payments, so it is a win win situation.

This week there are many high paying writing jobs in the marketplace, lets take a look.

Best foods to fight stress 1000 words, payment is $48, so this works out at $4.80 per hundred words,respectable enough considering normally pay at best $3.50 per 400 words.

Sick- when should you stay home, another 1000 words required for $48

Natural allergy remedies - 1000 words paying $48

Creative methods legal employers can use to retain diverse attorneys, a modest $34 for 600 words, which works out at almost $6 per hundred words

There are well over 20 high paying writing jobs on this site this week and if you write to several of them then you increase your chances of selling an article. Most of these high paying writing jobs are based on health topics so if you like me are an avid health writer get writing. I may write to a few of these titles and if my articles are not selected I can re use them and post them for sale on sites like dailyarticles, and constant content. Plus they will earn me an upfront payment,

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Time for some free writing contests

Many freelance writers enjoy taking part in free writing contests. There are many online writing contests to suit every writer from poetry contests to creative writing contests and beyond.

Here are some of the free writing contests available at the minute:-


There is even one on swine flu which is looking for some written articles on :-

The history of swine flu in Mexico
The origins of the 2009 swine flu outbreak
How to contain the spread of swine flu
How to prevent infection from swine flu
How to prevent swine flu in children
How to treat swine flu

There is also an essay writing contest too.

Jump over to now and enter one of these free writing contests. These free writing contests enable you to earn as much as $60 if you win. Remember you can take part in as many of these online writing contests as you wish.

I shall be absent for the next few days as I am off to glasgow on a shopping spree.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Monthly earning report May 2009

It has come to the beginning of a new month and I have decided to start telling my freelance writer jobs readers how much I am earning. Hopefully as the months go by you will see my earnings increase.

The month on a whole was down from last month due to closure of a high paid forum I was doing very well with. Apart from this my biggest success this month was adsense, where I earned almost 4 times what I earned in March, so I am very pleased. As a result of this I am exploring more and more paid advertisement networks. See my next post for a review on a brand new site I have just joined!

Back to my earnings :- was lower this month with me earning $41.69. Hopefully I will obtain my fourth writing star this month and increase my earnings to at least $50.

Associated Content has not updated pageviews for a few days now but I envisage my earnings to be around $2.65 from there, which is a record earning month from AC. I plan to increase this amount to $5 this month.

Google Adsense is my biggest success this month with me earning $23.42. In May I hope to break this record but could be difficult as I shall be away from a pc for a full week in May.

Triond was also very low at 47 cents. If I am being honest Triond is one of the lowest paid writing sites and I do not spend very much time there anymore.

So my plans for May are to write more Helium and Associated Content articles, spend more time on my website, blogs, xomba and webanswers and to increase my earnings and explore new opportunities for freelance writers and bloggers.