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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Infopirate -another way to earn google adsense revenue

As I strive to earn more and more with google adsense I am always joining new google adsense revenue sharing sites. I was told about infopirate by someone on Xomba, and by the way Xomba still rocks massively for contributely to my adsense earnings.

I joined infopirate a few weeks ago and stupidly added my google adsense id incorrectly into my infopirate account. Please remember to include the ca-pub-, before your publisher number. Infopirate lets you write blogs and add bookmarks. I primarily use the bookmarking feature to draw traffic to my blogs, and it works. I havent posted anything onto infopirate in a week but as soon as I added my adsense publisher number, correctly and monitored my infopirate account in my adsense account, I could see some clicks. I would say this site is well worth it,as brings you traffic and google adsense revenue, what more could you want.

You can add bookmarks in various topics including health, sports, entertainment, business and finance, technology, and many more topics. The good news is that by adding your bookmarks to infopirate you earn 80% of the revenue generated by them, yep 80%. Pretty good for a google adsense revenue sharing site, as most share no more than 60%.

Make more money with adsense, join infopirate today. You get 10% of referral earnings, so if anyone joins under me, leave a comment here and I will help you as best I can.

Monday, 22 June 2009

How to write a complaint email

I am just back from a 5 day break in sunny Portugal, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However I paid extra for a poolside view which I did not get. While the apartment and rest of the holiday was fantastic I do not appreciate paying for something and then not receiving it. Therefore I am writing an email of complaint to the holiday company. I decided to write a post on how to write an email of complaint. If you go about writing a email of complaint the correct way you will surely be reimbursed, whereas if you do not you may not even get a response.

Firstly when sending an email of complaint, start your email with something positive. In my case I am going to say what an excellent holiday I had, and how I was pleased with most of the package. In the next sentence then I will state what I paid for, ie an apartment with a poolside view. I will then go on to say I did not receive this and that I understand there is a massive demand for such a feature but at the same time I feel that I should have been granted what I paid for. Finally it is good to ask for some compensation in as nice as way possible and also mention that you would like to continue using the company in the future as you were pleased with everything else.

When writing a email of complaint make sure you keep your tone polite but to the point. Include any necessary facts and if possible attach any related documents, such as receipts, booking numbers, etc to help strenghten your complaint. If you do not receive a reply from your email of complaint within a week then send another email with a firmer tone.

Health writers needed- high paying writing jobs

Freelance writers are always on the lookout for high paying writing and high paying ghostwriting jobs. I have found four high paying writing jobs which will suit those writers who write in the health niche. These writing jobs pay $52 each for articles of 600 words in length, that equivalents to just over 8 cents per word. Why not write to all four titles and have a chance of earning $208 for 2400 words work.

Here are the details of the 4 high paying ghostwriting jobs:-

Options for diagnosing and treating chronic pain

This article should look at current treatments for chronic pain and promising treatments on the horizon. Look also at typical causes of chronic pain and how it is diagnosed.

What do the most popular health supplements do?

What are the top five health supplements in use today? Ginko? St.-John's-wort? Write a brief discussion of each of the five top supplements, the supposed benefits of each, and any warnings or contraindications about using the supplement.

Ways to manage cancer pain

How massage is used as medicine

There are two days left before the publisher decides which articles to select. The good news is that there are not many competing articles for these high paying ghost writing jobs. Get in now and earn the $52.

More details on these high paying ghostwriting jobs here

Monday, 15 June 2009

Triond payment received but still not worth it

I have been a member of Triond for a over year now and I ahve to say out of all my freelance writing sites this one pays the least. I have added a few new articles this month, and with 25 articles on this site I have managed to accumulate 42 cents in Triond earnings for the first two weeks in June. Sorry to Triond fans but my time is worth much more than that. I recently posted one of my articles on three of my writing sites and as usual Helium is paying me alot more than Triond and Associated Content put together. With 99 articles on Helium I have over $5 this month so far in page views, and also have earned some upfront payments.

You may ask why do I still use Triond, and the main reason is the low payout, and the fact that you do not have to request it. It is just deposited into your paypal account on the 15th of every month. I do doubt whether any freelance writers are earning more than a hundred dollars a month on triond, whereas I know at Helium this is very plausible.

So am I going to say goodbye to Triond yet, well probably not. They still have some of my articles, and I may as well collect the monthly payments no matter how small they are. I doubt though I will spend anymore time writing for them unless they decide to increase their page view revenue or else offer an upfront payment.

For the record I managed to get paid $1.12 from Triond this month, not great.

Thursday, 11 June 2009 updates and best earning article

As all my freelance writer job readers know I write for Helium. Recently I have not had as much time to dedicate to my freelance writing on this site, however my daily revenue sharing is increasing by the day. This month already I have over $4 earnings in pageviews, not bad considering I have only written one article. I do plan to add at least another 5 articles by the end of the month in order to help me achieve my fourth writing star.

I got brilliant news today that I sold one of my published articles for $5. I have no idea which article it is yet, all I know is that the article remains at and I can still earn daily page views on it as well as the fact that another publisher can buy it. This is my first article sold to stock content, and I hope it is the first of many.

As for my articles, I have had great success with a few titles this month namely Birthday presents for a boyfriend, which has earned me over $1 a month and looks set to beat that this month, and my best ever article Sites for freelance writers to earn money

In my opinion Helium is one of the most stable writing communities where you can make a few extra hundred dollars a month by being a freelance writer. I plan to increase my freelance writing earnings on this site, as I am now saving all my paypal earnings for forex trading.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

High paying ghostwriter jobs

A ghostwriter is a freelance writer who is hired to write books, articles, and manuscripts, without actually having their name on the work in the form of a byline. This means you basically do the writing and someone else puts their name on it. This may not sound fair and is not a good idea for those wishing to build up a writing portfolio, but it is a very high paying writing job. Therefore before you say ghostwriting is not for you, take time to sit back and work out if the money you are being paid is actually worth it.

Ghostwriters are some of the highest paid freelance writers out there. I have done a general browse around and found some of the high paying ghostwriting jobs to prove my point. One example on elance is a ghostwriter required to rewrite a first draft of a book around 250 pages. The client is willing to pay the selected ghostwriter up to $5000, thats around $20 per page just for rewriting. The job does state that there is no research required. Pretty easy money, here is the link to the ghostwriting job. Better be quick it shuts tomorrow. Another ghostwriting job which is still open is here. They will pay you up to $15 an hour, which is reasonably good freelance writing pay, for 10 hours a week. You could even fit all those hours into one day and make the $150 daily. This ghostwriter will be required to write blog posts, and articles deemed suitable for magazines.

In summary the benefits of being a ghostwriter are the high pay and the experience and knowledge and possibly further freelance writing work you acquire by being a ghostwriter. However the disadvantages are the fact that someone else is taking the credit for your work, and by being a ghostwriter your writing portfolio will never develop. I think I shall try and include some high paying ghostwriter jobs in my regular high paying freelance writing job posts from now on.

Monday, 1 June 2009

June Earnings Report

It has come that time of the month again when I let my readers know how much I earned for all the writing activities I done in May. I will start off with my biggest success of the month, which was google adsense. This month I managed to earn my highest ever adsense amount, $49.59, which means I am not awaiting my first google adsense check! This is over double of last month's earnings, and most of this was earned at the beginning of the month. My google adsense earnings are largely attributed to xomba, a freelance writing site which pays you 50% of your adsense earnings. My other writing site earnings are a little disappointing, largely due to the fact that I was on holiday twice and that I was so overwhelmed by my google adsense earnings.

Helium yet again was my best freelance writing site. Here I earned $7.72 in pageviews, which is great considering I wrote very little all month. I earned $1.07 from Associated Content, and only 60 odd cents from Triond. As I only wrote a few articles at Helium I only earned $5 in upfront payments, which is my lowest for some time. I am also pleased to report that I received $2 from entrecard, and my freelance writer job blog is now pr 1!! Onwards and upwards.

As for this month I have another holiday planned so my freelance writing may have to take a back seat. I am also busy with my stock trading. I will find it hard to top my google adsense earnings, but will try. As for Helium I really must do more articles, and improve my writing score. I will aim for $10 in page views from Helium, $1 from Triond and $2 from Associated Content.