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Saturday, 7 August 2010

August earning reports 2010 and news

I have abandoned my beloved blog for the last 3 months!! But now I am back. First things first here are the sites I am currently working on and my respective July income:-

Webanswers £134.08 ($213)
Helium $128.64, $55 of which was upfronts and the rest pageviews.
Hubpages £46.30 ($74)
Amazon Affiliates $38
Snipsly £44.80 ($71.50)
Total Adsense £248 ($396) (other adsense is from xomba, triond and blogs)
Kontera $3.67

Total July earnings is $566.31 A NEW RECORD!! Wonder can I do $600 in August :)

Last month represented a great month earnings wise, as I reached £248 from Google Adsense in total. I had a very successful Hubpage, which was based on a longtail keyword, which did very well in both Google Adsense and Amazon, and possibly Snipsly.

As for Helium I wrote many quality articles and started promoting my articles through social networks. My next article will be on the promotion tools available for freelance writers and how they can drastically increase your earnings.