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Monday, 30 March 2009 puts more in my pocket daily than my bank account is earning me money day after day for page views on articles I have written ages ago. On calculation I actually realised I am earning more in revenue share from Helium on a daily basis than I am from my bank account interest. This is a combination of poor interest rates in the bank and greater readership and more articles at Helium.

Anyhow it is another example of the wonders of passive income. Passive income is basically income you earn from activities you are not currently doing any work on. For example a best selling author makes residual income on her previous books whenever they are sold. I love the idea of residual income and I know sites like Helium will continue to pay me for years to come for articles I submitted a year ago. It is indeed very satisfying.

My plan is to develop and multiply my sources of residual income in order to build up greater daily earnings for things I done a long time ago, then I can sit back and watch the money rolling in, well not quite but you get the picture.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Associated Content- can I reach clout 10 by the end of 2009

As you know I love participating in revenue sharing sites and Associated Content is another one where I spend some time. As I am from the UK I do not receive upfront payments on this site so all my articles are submitted as display only and I earn from performance payments. Currently I only have 20 articles published, a clout index of 4, and under 3000 page views and receive $1.50 per thousand views. In order to get to clout 10 and earn $2 per thousand views I need 1 million page views, so I am 998 000 or so short.

However as you are entitled to up to 200% bonus on your page views if you have 200 articles, you can gain clout levels much faster. My page views are currently around 2300 and I have 20 articles so I get 20% bonus on them meaning my clout index is based on 2760 views. As I publish more content more page views will come, and a higher percentage will be added on to my page views. If I had 200 articles I would have over 6000 page views and would be on clout 5.

To get to clout 10 as soon as possible I will be writing 180 more articles relatively quickly. I would only need 333 333 page views with 200 articles to reach clout 10, doesnt seem as bad as 998 000 page views.

Help me get more page views

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Success with Destroy debt forum- Ive made $32 in 4 days!

In my last post I introduced a new paid to post forum I joined, called destroy debt, well I am very pleased to tell you it has worked out very well for me over there. Currently I have over $32 in my account and I have barely posted anything the last few days, and this is due to the work of a few active referrals, thanks to them. I shall be checking out all their blog posts, and forum posts so that they can earn more from their page views. I may as well give them something back in return for their efforts.

Despite this current success of Destroy debt the admin there has had to bring in some changes commencing the 1st April due to a surge in member participation. To be honest many people were abusing the system and posting several 5 word responses to gain their 5 cents, so he has now changed the payment to 2 cents per post in the forum and 2 cents per blog comment, which is still a high rate. Additionally the discussions in the general discussion will not earn you money anymore, as these were not relevant to debt. Blog posts will also not earn you 20 cents anymore as here too people were trying to post as many as possible. However you still can earn a massive $5 per 1000 views of your blog posts, which is more than some sites like pay.

Do not take these changes as bad news as there is still huge potential to earn from this forum. I shall be aiming for $30 a month from this paid to post forum and will spend 30 minutes each day on my destroy debt blog and on the destroy debt forum in order to achieve this.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Make money to pay off your debts by writing about them

Destroy debt is a relatively new paid to post forum which rewards you very highly for writing about your debts, ways to make money and ways to save money. This site pays out monthly to your paypal account when you reach $10. I joined the site 15 minutes ago and have already earned $1 so it is very easy to earn here.

They pay-

*$0.05 per forum post
*$0.05 per blog or article comment
*$0.20 per blog post

They also pay -

*$5 per 1000 impressions on any blog post or forum thread you create

Therefore it is in your best interests to start forum posts, and write as many blog posts as you can. Getting out of debt is a popular topic nowadays with the recession so many people will be searching for tips to help them.

Join now and earn $50 a month easily

Friday, 20 March 2009 ticking along nicely

Being a relatively new freelance writer means I have to write to several sites in order to see what works best for me. At the minute Helium is the site which is bringing in the most pennies, or should I say dollars. Last month I received a payment of just over $47 for my writing on Helium, I am expecting something similiar or a little better this month even if I do not write any more articles.

The reason for my success on Helium boils down to the fact that I have 3 writing stars so I receive $1.50 per new article I write or $2.50 for empty titles I write to. In addition to this I frequently receive a $3 rating bonus as well as daily page views. In January my page views earned me $2.32, in February $3.72 and this month so far I almost have $5. It just goes to show the more articles you write the more your page views will increase. Currently I have 63 articles and my aim is to have 100 articles by the end of May

For those starting out on Helium you may find it difficult to earn initially but it is possible to earn $100 a month on Helium with just one writing star

Thursday, 19 March 2009 brand new way to earn has recently updated its site with a brand new way to earn. They are calling it the stimulus package and it is supposed to help us mylotters earn more when money is tight. The stimulus package includes tasks, which can be found under the task button on your dashboard. There are many different types of tasks and some examples are given below:-

* Perform a search on a specific keyword on google or yahoo, and find the websites that meet a specific criteria. This task is very easy to do and pays $0.10 or $0.25 for each one. I have already had a $0.25 task approved.
* Write 4 paragraphs which must be 3-4 sentences long on a set of related keywords. This can be done within an hour and pays you a nice $3. I have already had one of these approved.
* Write a plot outline of different movies
* Write a post on a forum, for example I was asked to write one on eye pressure monitoring and link it to a particular post on a blog. This paid $0.70.
* Write reviews of restaurants, shops in a particular area.

There are many more examples of tasks which seem to be added daily. The good news is that payout at is still set at $10. With the introduction of these new tasks it should be easy to earn the $10 a month. In fact I may aim for $50 a month starting from next month.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Triond com review - beginner's paradise

Triond was born in summer 2006,and has been going strong ever since making frequent improvements. It is a freelance writing site which pays users 50% of the ad revenue received from yahoo advertising. It was the first proper freelance writing site I submitted articles too and instantly I became addicted to it. It also accepts photographs and pictures,as well as audio.

The writing standards are very varied on Triond and it is a great place for those who want to improve their use of the English language. There are many international members of the site who use it for this purpose. It accepts a large genre of writing including, writing tips, health issues, sci-fi, short stories,humour,cooking tips, sport, music and much more. They normally accept articles within 48 hours of submission.

Probably one of the best things about the site is the fact that it pays out at only 50 cents to your paypal account. Fifty cents is realtively easy to make each month when you have a few articles and photographs. I havent submitted an article to Triond in 6 months and I still receive payouts; one of the benefits of passive income. I believe low minimum payouts are essential for beginners to keep them motivated.

The site is making many improvements of late including a brand new forum where writers can interact with each other and gain feedback on a range of issues. There is also advice on hot topics to write on as well as how to improve your writing; great resources for beginners and professionals alike.

Why you should write for Triond

Sunday, 8 March 2009

My first writing gig - paid to post

A year ago I stumbled across work from home jobs on the worldwideweb and one such job involved a paid to post forum called mylot. Mylot was the first online site to pay me for writing. I can still remember my delight when I got my first $10 in my paypal. $10 is not much, but finding a site that pays is very rewarding indeed.

Can you earn more than $10 a month on mylot? Yes you definately can, by either posting alone or else recruiting many referrals. You earn 25% of your referral earnings so it is worth it to find some avid writers who will earn you passive income. Say you had 20 referrals who earned one dollar daily this would mean you would earn $5 just for their efforts. Pretty good for doing nothing!

How do you earn on mylot? You earn by starting and responding to discussions and by uploading images. There is a large range of topics covering everything under the sun, from food to fashion, and health to home. Mylot is a great site to make friends, gain knowledge, receive advice and make money.

Mylot review

Welcome to freelance writer jobs

I have decided to create this blog to show all those freelancers the available online writing opportunities which will and can earn you either a part time or full time income. Freelance writing is a wonderful pastime and one that pays much better than you think. Join me on my journey to find the perfect freelance writing job, plus keep updated who I am writing for and most importantly how much I am getting paid!!

There really are a multitude of freelance writer jobs out there, it is just a matter of finding them.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

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