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Thursday, 19 March 2009 brand new way to earn has recently updated its site with a brand new way to earn. They are calling it the stimulus package and it is supposed to help us mylotters earn more when money is tight. The stimulus package includes tasks, which can be found under the task button on your dashboard. There are many different types of tasks and some examples are given below:-

* Perform a search on a specific keyword on google or yahoo, and find the websites that meet a specific criteria. This task is very easy to do and pays $0.10 or $0.25 for each one. I have already had a $0.25 task approved.
* Write 4 paragraphs which must be 3-4 sentences long on a set of related keywords. This can be done within an hour and pays you a nice $3. I have already had one of these approved.
* Write a plot outline of different movies
* Write a post on a forum, for example I was asked to write one on eye pressure monitoring and link it to a particular post on a blog. This paid $0.70.
* Write reviews of restaurants, shops in a particular area.

There are many more examples of tasks which seem to be added daily. The good news is that payout at is still set at $10. With the introduction of these new tasks it should be easy to earn the $10 a month. In fact I may aim for $50 a month starting from next month.

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