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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Make money to pay off your debts by writing about them

Destroy debt is a relatively new paid to post forum which rewards you very highly for writing about your debts, ways to make money and ways to save money. This site pays out monthly to your paypal account when you reach $10. I joined the site 15 minutes ago and have already earned $1 so it is very easy to earn here.

They pay-

*$0.05 per forum post
*$0.05 per blog or article comment
*$0.20 per blog post

They also pay -

*$5 per 1000 impressions on any blog post or forum thread you create

Therefore it is in your best interests to start forum posts, and write as many blog posts as you can. Getting out of debt is a popular topic nowadays with the recession so many people will be searching for tips to help them.

Join now and earn $50 a month easily

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