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Sunday, 8 March 2009

My first writing gig - paid to post

A year ago I stumbled across work from home jobs on the worldwideweb and one such job involved a paid to post forum called mylot. Mylot was the first online site to pay me for writing. I can still remember my delight when I got my first $10 in my paypal. $10 is not much, but finding a site that pays is very rewarding indeed.

Can you earn more than $10 a month on mylot? Yes you definately can, by either posting alone or else recruiting many referrals. You earn 25% of your referral earnings so it is worth it to find some avid writers who will earn you passive income. Say you had 20 referrals who earned one dollar daily this would mean you would earn $5 just for their efforts. Pretty good for doing nothing!

How do you earn on mylot? You earn by starting and responding to discussions and by uploading images. There is a large range of topics covering everything under the sun, from food to fashion, and health to home. Mylot is a great site to make friends, gain knowledge, receive advice and make money.

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