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Monday, 30 March 2009 puts more in my pocket daily than my bank account is earning me money day after day for page views on articles I have written ages ago. On calculation I actually realised I am earning more in revenue share from Helium on a daily basis than I am from my bank account interest. This is a combination of poor interest rates in the bank and greater readership and more articles at Helium.

Anyhow it is another example of the wonders of passive income. Passive income is basically income you earn from activities you are not currently doing any work on. For example a best selling author makes residual income on her previous books whenever they are sold. I love the idea of residual income and I know sites like Helium will continue to pay me for years to come for articles I submitted a year ago. It is indeed very satisfying.

My plan is to develop and multiply my sources of residual income in order to build up greater daily earnings for things I done a long time ago, then I can sit back and watch the money rolling in, well not quite but you get the picture.

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