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Friday, 20 March 2009 ticking along nicely

Being a relatively new freelance writer means I have to write to several sites in order to see what works best for me. At the minute Helium is the site which is bringing in the most pennies, or should I say dollars. Last month I received a payment of just over $47 for my writing on Helium, I am expecting something similiar or a little better this month even if I do not write any more articles.

The reason for my success on Helium boils down to the fact that I have 3 writing stars so I receive $1.50 per new article I write or $2.50 for empty titles I write to. In addition to this I frequently receive a $3 rating bonus as well as daily page views. In January my page views earned me $2.32, in February $3.72 and this month so far I almost have $5. It just goes to show the more articles you write the more your page views will increase. Currently I have 63 articles and my aim is to have 100 articles by the end of May

For those starting out on Helium you may find it difficult to earn initially but it is possible to earn $100 a month on Helium with just one writing star

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