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Sunday, 6 December 2009

How to write your own ebook in under 7 days

I you ever wanted to write your own ebook but dont know where to start. If you are not a natural writer you may struggle to put sentences together never mind an ebook that thousands of people want to read. However help is on hand.

Imagine writing an ebook and selling it for $20 a time, 10 sales gets you $200, 100 sales $2000, and 1000 sales will get you $20 000. There is no limit to the amount of sales you can achieve by writing an ebook, and what is better that once you write it thats it, you can move on and write the next ebook. One you write an ebook once, that is the hard work done, each subsequent ebook will become much easier and quicker to write.

When writing an ebook there are several dos and donts, you will want to do the dos, and not do the donts. Make sure you are up to speed when writing an ebook. The sooner you know what you are doing the sooner you can make some money.

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