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Monday, 27 April 2009

Webanswers - another google adsense revenue sharing site

I thought I would share with my readers another site that pays you through google adsense. The site has been around for a few years and is called It is very similar in format to yahoo answers but with a massive difference, IT PAYS you to provide answers to questions.

You can sign up to the site and after you have posted 10 answers or two awarded answers you are invited to add your google adsense account. By awarded answers I mean answers that the person asking the question has selected as the best answer. These awarded answers are what earn you google adsense revenue. For every awarded question you gain you earn 60% of the adsense revenue on the page where your awarded answer is posted.

There are many different categories on the site from health, to pregnancy, relationships, finance and real estate. Questions are being asked every minute so why not join this site and share what you know. You will not see any earnings immediately but if you gain a few awarded answers here and there the residual income will start to appear. You only earn residual income for one year after your answer has been awarded.

Additionally webanswers also pay you adsense revenue on the site depending on your quality score. If you write high quality posts on a frequent basis and receive a large percentage of rewards then you could gain additional google adsense revenue on other areas of the site as well as on your awarded answers page. In order to improve your quality score make sure your spelling and grammar are without fault, your information is detailed and accurate and in your own words, and you answer the question asked.

I have just started this evening and have posted 12 answers and added my google adsense account so that any earnings can be added to my adsense account. I am very hopeful as this site paid out $2100 to users last month, and the top earners are reported to earn over $500 a month with google adsense from

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Take part in a short story contest

Writing contests provide a great way to showcase your talents to clients and publishers. If you are a fiction writer then you may wish to take part in some short story contests. When applying for a short story contest make sure you know the guidelines. Many short story contests require that you pay an entry fee. It is this entry fee that is paid out to the winners of the short story contest.

Here are some of the best short story contests on offer at the minute:-

Free short story contest and poetry contest - entry here is free and gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents. If you are one of the top 20 writers then your works will be selected and published in a book. There is no cash prize here.

If you want to win some cash for your short story entries then it is necessary to pay a small fee. Generally the higher the fee the higher the cash prize for the writing contest.

100 word short story contest- Entry fee is $15, and the winner of this short story contest will receive $500, second place gets $200 and third place gets $100. They are accepting 'whimsy, allegory, mystery, romance, fable, humor, love, fantasy, even horror'. They dont even mind if you write in different tenses. Entry, closing date is the 14th May 2009.

Poetry, short story, essay writing contest - Entry fee is $10, and the winner walks away with $300, with second place taking home $150 and third gaining $50. This contest is entitled For the love on nature, and the closing date is 14th May 2009.

Try your luck at a short story contest, what have you got to lose. You never know you may win one of the short story contests on offer.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Freelance writers - what do you spend your earnings on

Some freelance writers work full time at their freelance writing whereas others do it as a hobby for some dollars at the end of the month. I fall into the second category, but what things can freelance writing income pay for? Well basically this depends on the markets you choose to write to, and how much you choose to write.

Freelance writers income can be used to cover daily living expenses including electricity, gas bills, television licences, food, petrol, phone bills and other small bills. For those that write full time to high paying markets then your freelance writing earnings can stretch a bit further and may be able to pay your mortgage payment and car payment each month. Then there are the professional freelance writers, those that are at the top of the tree, in demand, they can make more than enough to cover living expenses plus a little extra, perhaps buy a holiday villa, an extra car, some beauty treats, designer clothing, the sky is the limit for those freelamce writers.

My freelance writing earnings are not used for my daily bills, instead they are used to invest. Recently I have invested in £100 worth of premium bonds with my freelance writing earnings. These bonds are a safe investment only available to the UK and Channel Islands. They give me 100 chances a month to win cash prizes up to the value of 1 million pounds, pretty good. My freelance writing jobs provide me with residual and active income, which is enough each month to increase my investment in these bonds. I can invest as much as £30 000, which would give me 30 000 chances a month to win, but for now I am considering setting up a standing order to increase my number of premium bonds by £50 each month. Then when my freelance writing earnings increase I can increase my monthly investment.

Freelance writing earnings can also be used to pay off your mortgage quicker and to invest in the stock markets. I use extra money in my salary to pay extra off my mortgage and to invest in the stock exchange. Who knows I may strike it lucky with my premium bonds or else land a high paying client to help me pay off my mortgage quicker.

For freelance writers, whether they use their freelance writing income to pay their bills or invest it really is a worthwhile job.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Where do your freelance writing earnings come from?

Freelance writing is a full time job for many freelance writers while for others like myself it is a way to earn some extra dollars on a monthly basis through both active and passive means.

There are many different types of freelance writer jobs:-

1) Writing for revenue sharing sites such as Helium, Associated Content, Triond, Bukisa. These tend to be the lowest paying freelance writer jobs available to freelance writers, however the competition for these type of jobs is very low.

2) Writing for higher upfront payments on sites such as Constant Content, Personalmoneystore, Brighthub,Demand Studios and others. These sites pay much mroe money and on Constant content you can actually set your own prices as well as the rights to your article.

3) Writing for individual clients. These clients can be found on online job sites such as elance, getafreelancer, odesk, problogger and through forums. If you build up a good reputation and produce quality work then there is a good chance a client will keep returning to you with more work.

4) Google adsense. Earning through google adsense is an excellent way to earn residual income, whether it be from your website, blog, or google adsense revenue sharing sites. My favourite google adsense revenue sharing site has got to be Xomba. I also maintain a niche website, Heart Facts.

5) Paid blogging. Some paid blogging jobs can offer as much as $50 per blog post, a pretty lucrative industry.

6) Writing your own ebook. If you are knowledgable about something then you can share it in an ebook. You can advertise your ebook on your niche specific website or on ebay or affiliate sites such as Clickbank.

These are just some examples of freelance writing jobs online, and the opportunites open to freelance writers. Currently most of my income comes from revenue sharing sites and google adsense.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Latest writing contests

Freelance writers fancy trying your luck at a writing contest. Winning writing contests can help a freelance writer's income as well as improve their reputation. Have you taken the plunge and taken part in a writing contest, or maybe you dont know where to look for writing contests??

I can provide you some details on writing contests which pay the winner $60, second place gets $40 and third place makes $30. The good thing about this site is that even if you do not win your articles will still earn you an upfront payment and daily revenue payment.

There are currently 9 writing contests running at which expire on the 28th April, so if you get started now you will have one week left to write some entries for the writing contests. Writing contests available are on a wide selection of writing niches including astronauts, american idol, natural disasters, weddings,swimming and diving, basketball and several more. There should be a writing contest to suit everyone. Why not write to several and increase your chance of winning a writing contest?

Get on over to Helium and take part in their latest writing contests and win yourself some dollars

Sunday, 19 April 2009

High Paying Writing Gigs 20th April

This freelance writer jobs blog is all about getting a job in freelance writing. There are many freelance writer jobs out there and I have decided to post high paying freelance writer jobs on a weekly basis to help all you freelance writers earn some dollars.

This week I will consider high paying blogging jobs, that is freelance writing jobs that pay you to blog. I have found several covering several different niches, so there should be something to suit every freelance writer.

Financial Blogger

This particular freelance writing gig requires that you write 6 blog posts ranging in length from 100-600 words, totalling 1400 words for the six posts. The posts concern the Australian economy especially Melbourne, so if you are an Aussie this could be the perfect job for you. Even better is the fact that the payment is $150, so that works out at more than 10 cents a word.

Classified News Blogger

Another high paying freelance writers job offering $20 per 300-400 word post, and $30 for 500 word posts including an image and video. Pay is through paypal and bonuses will be offered to those who achieve high levels of traffic.

Live video education blogger

Offering between $10-$20 for 600 word blog posts. These employers are looking for long term bloggers so if you do a good job you could get a long term freelance writing gig.

Natural Health Blogger

This comes highly recommended. Employers here again are looking for a long term blogger and they are offering $25 per 500-800 word blog post. Their niche is natural healing for digestion and they actually provide you with scientic studies to summarise in your blog post.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

I am turning into a XOMBAHOLIC

Xomba is a google adsense sharing site which pays you 50% of your google adsense impressions. Now you may think that you would be better off using your own blogs and websites where you earn 100% of revenue, and yes you are right if you have alot of traffic. How many new sites get hundreds of targeted visitors daily? None, or not very many. With Xomba as soon as you write your post you will get visitors immediately. Then when google indexes your post you may get more and more visitors depending on how popular your post is, and what tags and keywords you have used. The more visitors you get the more chance you will earn through google adsense. I can tell you I earn more from Xomba in one day posting for a few hours than what I do from my pr 1 website in a week, and this is making me post more and more. The reason is traffic!! Xomba xomblurbs and xombytes rank higher in search engines than my website posts as Xomba is a pr 4 whereas my website is only a pr 1. Even better is the fact that I can use Xomba to create back links for my website as a way of driving traffic to my website.

There are several ways to earn on Xomba. Firstly through Xomblurbs. A Xomblurb is a shport snippet of information which lets you share a website, video, blog, article or image. Here is an example of one of my xomblurbs. You can also earn by writing xombytes, which are longer blog posts, of at least 150 words. I tend to write more Xomblurbs as they are much quicker and earn me more than Xombytes believe it or not. Another way to earn is through referrals. You receive 10%of your referral income, and note this does not affect your referral as they still receive the 50% share from Xomba.

I would fully recommend Xomba to anyone as an easy way to earn some adsense revenue. If anyone signs up through my link here, please leave a comment and I will help you earn some money from Xomba. Earning money at Xomba is easier than you think.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My Hubpages Challenge- can you really earn from hubpages?

Everyone loves a challenge and I thought it was about time I started a new one so I am going to call it Hubbing for Adsense. I have been a silent member of Hubpages for a long time creating a hub every other month so now its time to step it up a gear. Yep thats right I am going to try and create as many hubs as possible and monitor how much I make from google adsense impressions on them. I shall add each hub to my adsense URL channels which accurately records traffic and any impressions.

The hubs I will add will each feature one keyword, probably around the area of heart health, making money online, and freelance writing, as these are the areas I know most about. I may throw in a few surprises. I will try and create as many hubs as possible, but remember I have a paid blogging job, and my writing for Helium and Associated Content to keep on top off!!

Does it sound like fun?? Are you going to join me on this Hubbing for Adsense Challenge? Any idea how much I will earn??

Contest will end on June 1st!!

Keep watching for my weekly updates on the number of hubs I have created, how many visitors they are getting and more importantly how much I am earning!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

How to get your first job with elance

I got my first freelance writer job at elance, it is a paid blogging job whihc involves writing 5 posts a week on ways to get out of debt. I am so thrilled as I know with these online job sites the first job is the hardest one to get. Then when you complete the job successfully and gain positive feedback other opportunites are much easier to get. In saying that I have had to set my rate very low, much lower than I would like but for future opportunities I will be charging more.

I have so many new freelance writers asking me how to get the first job with sites like elance and truth be told it is difficult. But here are six things you should do

1) Pick a job that matches your skill level, ie if a job you are applying for requires use of html and you dont have html knowledge do not apply.
2) Pick a job that has not got many providers bidding for it
3) Set your pay rate low for your first few assignments, then when you get more feedback you can up your rate.
4) Pick a job where you can provide evidence you are suitable. For example for my blogging job on ways to get out of debt, I provided examples of my articles on helium which were about getting out of debt and saving money.
5) Take the different skills tests.
6) Fill out your profile page.

Good luck on getting your first job with elance.

Friday, 10 April 2009

The end of one forum and the launch of another

For those that have been following my blog you will be aware of my love for destroy debt, a forum which helps people get out of debt. This site also offered monetary compensation for our forum posts, blog comments and blog posts as well as traffic. The admin has now announced that he can not keep up to the revenue sharing payments and has stopped paying for posts as of the 10th April. Goodbye Destroy debt in my case. I may visit now and again, but I will not be busting my guts to do posts there.

For every goodbye there is another Hello, and now I would like to welcome you to a new forum, postparker, which is paying up to 7 cents per forum post and a generous 30% of referral earnings. The site promises to pay bimonthly, on the 1st and 15th of every month. The minimum payout is currently set at $10 but the admin is looking to lower it to $1 to encourage new users. The site is set up to not credit spam, or copied posts, so keep it unique guys and gals.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Pay day is the best day of the month

Today is my favourite day of the month as I have received payments from both Helium and Associated Content.

Helium pays me much more as I receive upfront payments from there too. Currently I am getting $1.50 per article, and $2.50 for those articles with no titles, so it all adds up. I am aiming for my fourth writing star so that I can increase my upfront payments. I have almost made payout from Helium this month already counting my pending upfront payments and daily revenue sharing.

Associated Content, on the other hand just pays me for page views, but I find it really easy to get page views from there, and recently I received 85 views in one day, with only having 27 articles. Imagine when I have a few hundred!! This month on Associated Content I am already half way to reaching payout. I have no doubt that I will reach the 1000 views by the end of next week.

Right I am off to write about pregnancy and high cholesterol while I watch my residual income roll in.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Why I love residual income!!

Residual income is a big part of some freelance writer's income. It is one of the main factors which encourages me to keep writing and writing!!

I will use Associated content as an example of how you can build your earnings up, as they pay $1.50 per thousand views initially.

Say you write one 2 page article daily for one year, this gives you 365 articles. If each of these articles gets viewed once a day then you get 730 page views daily. However this is incredibly unlikely and they are likely to get more than one view a day and may get as many as 10, which would give you 7300 views daily, giving you $10.95 a day and $328 a month. This is good going for only writing 365 articles. The chances are though some of your articles may get 20, 30 or even over 100 views a day!! Think what happens if you write for 2, 3 or even 10 years and increase your article count to 3600, the opportunities are endless.

When you write an article it is important to make it search engine friendly so that the search engines can find it easily. Additionally promote your articles on your blog, add them as a signature on forums and create back links for them. The more you promote the more page views you are likely to get and the more you will earn.

Read more on how to earn residual income from your articles

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April fools day but no fooling around from this site!!

April the 1st is traditionally known as April Fool's Day where we play pranks on each other so when I received an email to say I have been paid $95 into my paypal I had to log into my paypal account to prove that this site actually pays, and IT DOES. Yep thats right DESTROY DEBT, the site where you are paid to discuss your debt and ways to reduce it actually pays you. I only joined this site 10 days ago and am so pleased to have received such a large amount of cash from them. I will surely stay active on this site now and spread the word to others that DESTROY DEBT PAYS.

Dont get me wrong since the pay is now reduced to no payment for a blog post, and only 2 cents per forum post, and 2 cents per blog comment earnings will be reduced, but I am still confident that in one month time I will be telling you all that I have received another payment for at least $30!! They still pay for views of any forum threads you create and and blog posts you write, and with a rate of $5 for 1000views you surely cannot complain.

The challenge is on, wanna help me reach $30??