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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Why I love residual income!!

Residual income is a big part of some freelance writer's income. It is one of the main factors which encourages me to keep writing and writing!!

I will use Associated content as an example of how you can build your earnings up, as they pay $1.50 per thousand views initially.

Say you write one 2 page article daily for one year, this gives you 365 articles. If each of these articles gets viewed once a day then you get 730 page views daily. However this is incredibly unlikely and they are likely to get more than one view a day and may get as many as 10, which would give you 7300 views daily, giving you $10.95 a day and $328 a month. This is good going for only writing 365 articles. The chances are though some of your articles may get 20, 30 or even over 100 views a day!! Think what happens if you write for 2, 3 or even 10 years and increase your article count to 3600, the opportunities are endless.

When you write an article it is important to make it search engine friendly so that the search engines can find it easily. Additionally promote your articles on your blog, add them as a signature on forums and create back links for them. The more you promote the more page views you are likely to get and the more you will earn.

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Bianca Raven said...

Hmmm.... 365 articles earning $328 per month is an income of $3,936 per year - and that's only IF you can manage to get 10 page views per day on every day of that year.

Or you could sell individual articles at $20 or $25 per article.

Let's see... 365 articles x $20 upfront payment = $7,300

Nope. Still can't see the value in revenue share


Louieee said...

Yayyyy for residual. =D