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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My Hubpages Challenge- can you really earn from hubpages?

Everyone loves a challenge and I thought it was about time I started a new one so I am going to call it Hubbing for Adsense. I have been a silent member of Hubpages for a long time creating a hub every other month so now its time to step it up a gear. Yep thats right I am going to try and create as many hubs as possible and monitor how much I make from google adsense impressions on them. I shall add each hub to my adsense URL channels which accurately records traffic and any impressions.

The hubs I will add will each feature one keyword, probably around the area of heart health, making money online, and freelance writing, as these are the areas I know most about. I may throw in a few surprises. I will try and create as many hubs as possible, but remember I have a paid blogging job, and my writing for Helium and Associated Content to keep on top off!!

Does it sound like fun?? Are you going to join me on this Hubbing for Adsense Challenge? Any idea how much I will earn??

Contest will end on June 1st!!

Keep watching for my weekly updates on the number of hubs I have created, how many visitors they are getting and more importantly how much I am earning!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey! This will be a good thing to keep updating. Many other people also do such a thing, including myself and BloggerDollar to name just a few. It is always good though to see what other people are earning.