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Monday, 20 April 2009

Latest writing contests

Freelance writers fancy trying your luck at a writing contest. Winning writing contests can help a freelance writer's income as well as improve their reputation. Have you taken the plunge and taken part in a writing contest, or maybe you dont know where to look for writing contests??

I can provide you some details on writing contests which pay the winner $60, second place gets $40 and third place makes $30. The good thing about this site is that even if you do not win your articles will still earn you an upfront payment and daily revenue payment.

There are currently 9 writing contests running at which expire on the 28th April, so if you get started now you will have one week left to write some entries for the writing contests. Writing contests available are on a wide selection of writing niches including astronauts, american idol, natural disasters, weddings,swimming and diving, basketball and several more. There should be a writing contest to suit everyone. Why not write to several and increase your chance of winning a writing contest?

Get on over to Helium and take part in their latest writing contests and win yourself some dollars

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