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Sunday, 19 April 2009

High Paying Writing Gigs 20th April

This freelance writer jobs blog is all about getting a job in freelance writing. There are many freelance writer jobs out there and I have decided to post high paying freelance writer jobs on a weekly basis to help all you freelance writers earn some dollars.

This week I will consider high paying blogging jobs, that is freelance writing jobs that pay you to blog. I have found several covering several different niches, so there should be something to suit every freelance writer.

Financial Blogger

This particular freelance writing gig requires that you write 6 blog posts ranging in length from 100-600 words, totalling 1400 words for the six posts. The posts concern the Australian economy especially Melbourne, so if you are an Aussie this could be the perfect job for you. Even better is the fact that the payment is $150, so that works out at more than 10 cents a word.

Classified News Blogger

Another high paying freelance writers job offering $20 per 300-400 word post, and $30 for 500 word posts including an image and video. Pay is through paypal and bonuses will be offered to those who achieve high levels of traffic.

Live video education blogger

Offering between $10-$20 for 600 word blog posts. These employers are looking for long term bloggers so if you do a good job you could get a long term freelance writing gig.

Natural Health Blogger

This comes highly recommended. Employers here again are looking for a long term blogger and they are offering $25 per 500-800 word blog post. Their niche is natural healing for digestion and they actually provide you with scientic studies to summarise in your blog post.

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