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Monday, 13 April 2015

Webanswers earnings April 2015

I still spend some time with online writing after the dismal exit of Squidoo. I am now investing time in my own blogs as well as Webanswers. Webanswers still has some earning potential in 2015 and yesterday alone I managed to earn $3 from the site. Granted this is small scale compared to the three figures I earned daily but it still goes to show that there is still money to be made online and as I always say every little helps.

My total Webanswers earnings for the month are approaching $10 which is alot less than I expected but I guess I abandoned the site for well over a year and it takes a while to get your presence and earnings back again.

If you still ask and answer questions for Webanswers please share your experiences below.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Make money writing about nail art

Are you a fan of nail art and design? Perhaps you have your own nail salon where you beautify women's nails on a regular basis? If so why not make some money from your hobby.

It is rather easy as all you have to do is write about a particular nail art or colour and show a picture in your post. You can provide details of the products used and a short tutorial on how to do the particular nail art. If someone likes your picture they are going to want step by step instructions on the easiest way to copy your design onto their nails. I find video tutorials are the most popular

Next I will show an example of how I make money from nail art. I have a nail art website and you can see one of my favourite posts here. I am expanding this website to feature products for sale and some general nail health issues which many of us encounter. I earn primarily through Google Adsense right now but do plan on adding other advertising and affiliate networks at a later stage. I promote my posts through social networking including Pinterest which works very well for nail art.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Writing on hot trends on Squidoo

Many people struggle to find inspiration and ideas for their writing, and occasionally I am one of them, but normally I am bursting with ideas. If I am stuck and my mind is blank I normally focus on hot trends or current trends, whether it be the latest Disney character or a particular season.

One hot trend I have written about is Fifty Shades of Grey, my Squidoo page '10 books like fifty shades of grey' is one of my best Squidoo lenses at present. I do know that this is not an evergreen topic but I have found that you can do quite well with hot topics. This page is ranked second in Google for the keywords 'books like fifty shades of grey'. I should work on backlinks and move it to number one spot,as there is quite a difference in traffic between number one and number two position in Google.

If you are looking for current trends to write about I would suggest Valentine's Day themed articles, St Patricks Day themed articles and even Easter pages

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Why am I a freelance writer

Well throughout this blog I have talked about various writing sites I use to make money, but did I ever tell you why I actually write? If I did apologise for being repetitive.

I write because I enjoy it. The thing I enjoy most apart from making money, is seeing traffic spikes to my online content. The majority of my online writing is at Squidoo where I am doing very well. I am finding my offline job stressful due to long hours including nightshifts and weekend work. I like many other people believe life is for living and it is far too short so I want to maintain a balance between work and play. When I am not at my offline job I am either on the internet or with my family or boyfriend. I want to devote more time to online writing and my family and less to my offline job, therefore I have asked for less hours in my offline job. I have only been able to do this because I have worked so hard online building up my portfolio of work. This has helped me overpay my mortgage significantly reducing my debt and monthly payments. I like to play it safe so if my online portfolio disappeared completely and I had less hours in my offline job I could still manage. Therefore I will be spending as much of my free time as possible expanding my horizons online and paying down my mortgage debt.

Why do you write?

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Freelance Writing Earnings December 2012

Well it has been a while, since I updated my readers on my freelance writing earnings! There have been some massive changes in the past few years, most of which have been positive. I now spend most of my online time at Squidoo, where I have built up a large online portfolio of content. As a result I am earning through Squidoo Tier payments, Squidoo Amazon, eBay and Cafepress sales, as well as my own Amazon associates account. I will not disclose my exact income as I do not want copycats. I put down my success to spending hours working on particular niches, particulary gift guides and watches. I also sell Squidoo lenses and am available if you would like me to build a lens for you. I am investing my freelance writing earnings in bonds and overpaying my mortgage! I made four figures writing online in December and if you read back in this blog that was one of my aims a few years ago!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

January 2011 Writing Earnings

I have been very lazy and once again abandoned my lovely writing blog, mostly because I am writing elsewhere or publishing my earning reports on other sites.

But in January I managed to earn $1034!! This excites me greatly because January is always supposed to be a bad month earnings wise. The majority of my earnings come from Google Adsense!! I never thought that I would be able to earn $100 never mind over $800 with adsense in a month. And the good news is that February is looking even better than January despite it being such a short month.

In future I will be updating my earnings on several different sites including:-

My Google Adsense Earnings

My Freelance Writing Earnings

My Triond Earnings

Saturday, 7 August 2010

August earning reports 2010 and news

I have abandoned my beloved blog for the last 3 months!! But now I am back. First things first here are the sites I am currently working on and my respective July income:-

Webanswers £134.08 ($213)
Helium $128.64, $55 of which was upfronts and the rest pageviews.
Hubpages £46.30 ($74)
Amazon Affiliates $38
Snipsly £44.80 ($71.50)
Total Adsense £248 ($396) (other adsense is from xomba, triond and blogs)
Kontera $3.67

Total July earnings is $566.31 A NEW RECORD!! Wonder can I do $600 in August :)

Last month represented a great month earnings wise, as I reached £248 from Google Adsense in total. I had a very successful Hubpage, which was based on a longtail keyword, which did very well in both Google Adsense and Amazon, and possibly Snipsly.

As for Helium I wrote many quality articles and started promoting my articles through social networks. My next article will be on the promotion tools available for freelance writers and how they can drastically increase your earnings.