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Saturday, 3 April 2010

April 2010 Earnings Report- see how much I earned in March 2010

I love doing these freelance writing earnings posts to let other writers and bloggers know that it is very possible to earn hundreds of dollars every month from the internet. I was on holidays twice in March and still managed to get my second highest ever google adsense income, plus I did something I never managed to do before. A record month for adsdaq too and I am very happy. April has also started out rather well for me.

Google Adsense March 2010- £233.04 ($354)
Half of my google adsense came from webanswers, and the other half came from two of my blogs, snipsly triond and xomba.

Helium- I managed over $19 in page views from Helium in March 2010, another record in page view earnings. As a result I am super motivated to make $25 from pageviews in April, and have written three new helium articles already.

Triond - $0.32 from pageviews. It is also important to mention that I got over $5 from Triond in google adsense. I am pleased with this cos I no longer write at Triond. I am considering submitting some more keyword research articles there.

Associated Content- $0.73. A site where I no longer write, although I always had dreams of getting to clout 10 lol.

Adsdaq- I worked hard on my blogs this month and did get good traffic on some days. My March earnings at Adsdaq were $15.24. This took me over $62 in total on Adsdaq, so now I am waiting on my first payout. This shows me how good a money maker blogs can actually be and encourages me to build some niche content blogs with backlinks which will help sustain traffic.

Chitika- $0.80, not great. But better than nothing. Plus payout is at $10 so should reach it by year end.

Kontera- $0.61, I only started using Kontera during the middle of March.

Amazon Affilates- now for the thing Ive never done before. Yep thats right I eventually sold two affiliate products from amazon off my hubpages getting me $9.68. Hubpages". Hubpages is a great way to earn google adsense and sell affiliate products.

March 2010 writing total earnings $400.55 (£263). Can I earn more than $400 in April 2010? I hope so. If you want to know keep following my freelance writing blog