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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Creative Writing Jobs- November/December 2009

If you are a creative person then creative writing jobs may be just for you. I have searched online and found three creative writing jobs, which are based on gardening story telling. These writing jobs pay $24 each and the articles only have to be 250 words long.

Creative writing jobs

My funniest garden experience: Anecdotes
My true story about gardening with my parents, grandparents, or children: Anecdotes
How my garden helped me learn about love or survive its loss: Anecdotes

These three creative writing jobs have deadlines of December the first so be quick to enter your submission at

Monday, 23 November 2009

Free writing competitions Nov/Dec 2009

If you are a freelance writer then what better way to showcase your talents than with some free writing competitions. Luckily there are many free writing competitions available all year round.

I have found some free writing competitions that are currently open

Closing date December 1st 2009, writing cash prizes are $60/$50 for 1st, $40/30 for 2nd and $30/10 for 3rd depending on which contest you enter

New Year's Eve free writing competition

Get into the festive spirit by taking part in a freelance writing contest on the New Year. Titles here are based on how to decorate your house for New year, and best places to celebrate New Year.

New Technologies free writing competition

This category has some great titles, on bing search engine and google wave to name a few. So if you are up to speed with google and new technology in general this may be the perfect free writing competition for you.

College Life free writing competition

A perfect writing competition if you are a student as all 20 titles offered are about student life.

Shopping free writing competition

This title features online shopping and articles are geared towards the online shopper.

Financial Planning free writing competition

If you are knowledgeable about payday and radio loans then you should enter this free writing competition.

For more details on these free writing competitions see here

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Shetoldme google adsense revenue sharing site- Will you get rich from shetoldme

As all my readers know I love google adsense revenue sharing sites, and I join all the new ones and test them out to see which one brings me the most google adsense revenue. The most recent google adsense revenue sharing site I have joined is called shetoldme.

Shetoldme is basically like a Digg type site which shares 100% of your google adsense clicks on one of the ads(the one beside the title of your scoop)appearing on all of your scoops. You can submit news, stories, and videos to shetoldme. When you submit your scoop to shetoldme it will appear on the upcoming section, where users can vote for it. If your scoop received a large number of votes, it will appear on the front page of the home page. Appearing on the front page means more traffic, and more traffic means more earnings. You can also earn 100% google adsense from an ad that appears on your referrals sccops, specifically the google adsense ad beside the tags of their scoop.

I personally believe that shetoldme will grow in time and whilst I have not earned anything from there yet, it has brought traffic to several of my blogs, squidoo lenses and websites. Traffic is the thing you need to build up your following, improve your alexa rank, get advertising deals , sell affiliate products and make money, therefore shetoldme is more than about the google adsense earnings. I get paid for traffic from one of my ad networks, so it earns me money in an indirect way.

Would I recommend anyone with a blog to join shetoldme, FOR SURE, join here

Saturday, 14 November 2009 Updates- Google adsense, referrals and increased earnings

There is no better time to get a high paying freelance writing job coming up to Christmas and Triond may be just what you are looking for.

I have previously discussed whether Triond was worth it or not and now I have come to the conclusion it is. There are two reasons for this, firstly the introduction of google adsense on our Triond articles and secondly a referral scheme. Google adsense was added to triond articles around the end of October and with a small number of articles at Triond I can say I have received some clicks already making Triond a high paying freelance writing job in my book. Remember if you have a google adsense account to add to your URL channels to monitor daily impressions and clicks. I am getting clicks and have a small volume of readers so my ctr is very good. This gives me more incentive to write more articles for Triond and increase my earnings at this high paying freelance writing site. As you know anything that involves google adsense gets me interested.

Secondly a referral scheme has been introduced to Triond whereby you get 10% of your referral earnings. This is a good way to increase your passive income. I believe in helping my referrals when I recruit them so that they too can be successful. If you like the idea of Triond and want me to help you growing your downline as well as help you get more pageviews, Join TRIOND.COM here and leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

November Earnings Report- see how much money I made in October 2009

My freelance writing earnings are dropping month by month. I am not happy about this and am trying to put more effort in this month.

Google adsense continues to pay me monthly but my last high of just over £250 has not been met since. This month I earned £165.64.

Google adsense earnings breakdown:-

Xomba £82.61, pity here is I lost my account. But I am still earning google adsense on previous posts. I am also considering opening a new account.

Webanswers £69.48. Another great month at webanswers as the admin continue to develop and improve the site.

Infobarrel $4.04. Not bad for only writing 11 articles on this site, and a massive increase for last month's infobarrel earnings. I am planning on adding a few more articles to my account. Possibly aim for another 4-6 articles this month and see if I can earn £10.

Hubpages £1.19. A drop in earnings here which disappoints me considering I did two new hubs. Must try harder on this site. But some sites work better for others I guess.

Other writing sites which are paying me include:-

Squidoo $1.15. Squidoo used to pay me over $10 monthly but I abandoned this site until this week. What I like about squidoo is the fact that you can also experiment with affiliate marketing. Additionally it is great for those with websites as it lts you create high pr backlinks. I am planning to draw up several lens over the next month and see if I can generate some ebay or amazon sales.

Helium $15
Triond $0.64
Adsdaq $3.62- an advertising site which pays me for US traffic on my webpages.

Aims for November are to continue writing for google adsense, as well as squidoo and my websites. Monthly earning aim for November is £200, as I am charged at 40% tax this will net me £120.