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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Shetoldme google adsense revenue sharing site- Will you get rich from shetoldme

As all my readers know I love google adsense revenue sharing sites, and I join all the new ones and test them out to see which one brings me the most google adsense revenue. The most recent google adsense revenue sharing site I have joined is called shetoldme.

Shetoldme is basically like a Digg type site which shares 100% of your google adsense clicks on one of the ads(the one beside the title of your scoop)appearing on all of your scoops. You can submit news, stories, and videos to shetoldme. When you submit your scoop to shetoldme it will appear on the upcoming section, where users can vote for it. If your scoop received a large number of votes, it will appear on the front page of the home page. Appearing on the front page means more traffic, and more traffic means more earnings. You can also earn 100% google adsense from an ad that appears on your referrals sccops, specifically the google adsense ad beside the tags of their scoop.

I personally believe that shetoldme will grow in time and whilst I have not earned anything from there yet, it has brought traffic to several of my blogs, squidoo lenses and websites. Traffic is the thing you need to build up your following, improve your alexa rank, get advertising deals , sell affiliate products and make money, therefore shetoldme is more than about the google adsense earnings. I get paid for traffic from one of my ad networks, so it earns me money in an indirect way.

Would I recommend anyone with a blog to join shetoldme, FOR SURE, join here

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