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Thursday, 5 November 2009

November Earnings Report- see how much money I made in October 2009

My freelance writing earnings are dropping month by month. I am not happy about this and am trying to put more effort in this month.

Google adsense continues to pay me monthly but my last high of just over £250 has not been met since. This month I earned £165.64.

Google adsense earnings breakdown:-

Xomba £82.61, pity here is I lost my account. But I am still earning google adsense on previous posts. I am also considering opening a new account.

Webanswers £69.48. Another great month at webanswers as the admin continue to develop and improve the site.

Infobarrel $4.04. Not bad for only writing 11 articles on this site, and a massive increase for last month's infobarrel earnings. I am planning on adding a few more articles to my account. Possibly aim for another 4-6 articles this month and see if I can earn £10.

Hubpages £1.19. A drop in earnings here which disappoints me considering I did two new hubs. Must try harder on this site. But some sites work better for others I guess.

Other writing sites which are paying me include:-

Squidoo $1.15. Squidoo used to pay me over $10 monthly but I abandoned this site until this week. What I like about squidoo is the fact that you can also experiment with affiliate marketing. Additionally it is great for those with websites as it lts you create high pr backlinks. I am planning to draw up several lens over the next month and see if I can generate some ebay or amazon sales.

Helium $15
Triond $0.64
Adsdaq $3.62- an advertising site which pays me for US traffic on my webpages.

Aims for November are to continue writing for google adsense, as well as squidoo and my websites. Monthly earning aim for November is £200, as I am charged at 40% tax this will net me £120.


Mz. Eb. said...

Ok, so you didn't earn as much as the previous month, but hey, I still think you did pretty good so well done. :-)

Do you know why you lost your Xomba account?

Laura said...

I am not sure why I lost my Xomba account, I reckon it is because they did not like a live sports stream site I linked to. However the good news is that I still get earnings from those xomba posts, and I was able to open another Xomba account.