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Monday, 23 November 2009

Free writing competitions Nov/Dec 2009

If you are a freelance writer then what better way to showcase your talents than with some free writing competitions. Luckily there are many free writing competitions available all year round.

I have found some free writing competitions that are currently open

Closing date December 1st 2009, writing cash prizes are $60/$50 for 1st, $40/30 for 2nd and $30/10 for 3rd depending on which contest you enter

New Year's Eve free writing competition

Get into the festive spirit by taking part in a freelance writing contest on the New Year. Titles here are based on how to decorate your house for New year, and best places to celebrate New Year.

New Technologies free writing competition

This category has some great titles, on bing search engine and google wave to name a few. So if you are up to speed with google and new technology in general this may be the perfect free writing competition for you.

College Life free writing competition

A perfect writing competition if you are a student as all 20 titles offered are about student life.

Shopping free writing competition

This title features online shopping and articles are geared towards the online shopper.

Financial Planning free writing competition

If you are knowledgeable about payday and radio loans then you should enter this free writing competition.

For more details on these free writing competitions see here

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