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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Infobarrel - high paying freelance writing google adsense revenue sharing site

Infobarrel is a high paying freelance writing site which pays users 75% of their google adsense earnings from their articles. On infobarrel you can visit the things to do area, and find a list of suggested articles to write too. This is good for those freelance writers that are not good at coming up with ideas themselves. You can write an article on a variety of channels including culture, mathematics, science, health, geography, people,and much more.

Before you can earn any google adsense from Infobarrel you must become preapproved.

How to get preapproved at Infobarrel?

It is easy to get approved at Infobarrel, you need to be a member of Infobarrel for 14 days, and have either 10 submitted articles or 50 quality edits.

Once you are a approved member at Infobarrel you can watch your google adsense earnings accumulate. To increase your google adsense earnings at Infobarrel you can participate in the contests. Some contests offer winners Amazon gift cards as well as greater share of google adsense revenue, sometimes up to 90% of your adsense earnings.

It is thought that in the future Infobarrel may reward users with some credit for editing articles. Infobarrel also pays you 2% of your referrals google adsense earnings. The site is gaining increasing traffic day by day thanks to it's quality freelance writers. Currently it has an alexa rank of 28 000, which is pretty amazing since it is only one year old. In my opinion it is one of the better google adsense revenue sharing sites.

Join Infobarrel google adsense revenue sharing site today and increase your google adsense revenue.

As always anyone that joins a freelance writing site through me, will gain my help in promoting their articles, and increasing their google adsense revenue.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

How to win a writing contest

I have been posting details of free writing contests on my blog for a while now, so I thought it was time I should perhaps give you some tips on how to win a writing contest, or rather how to win many writing contests.

The first thing to remember is that you should only enter writing contests on which you are knowledgeable and/or passionate about. If you enter a writing contest where you have no knowledge or time for research then you run the risk of not winning or even getting placed. This will do your morale no good. So if you are interested in sport and you see a writing contest on sports make sure you enter it.

Secondly read the rules of the writing contest. If your entry is to be no longer than 400 words make sure it is no longer. You do not want to get a perfectly good article banned from a writing contest because it is too long. You should also make sure you have your submission well in before the closing date incase of any unexpected last minute hitches.

Thirdly spend time on your writing contest submission. Edit it to the death. Plan it out, draw a spider diagram with all the relevant information required, and make sure you include it.

Next relax and enjoy writing your contest submission. If you stress out too much this may come through in your contest entry.

If you have a mentor let them see your writing contest submission and ask them for criticism. Take this criticism well, and remember they are only doing it to improve your writing.

Finally if you do not win this writing contest there is always next time. I find it a better idea to enter free writing contests that have 1st-3rd placings so that you are not out any money to take part and if you do not win then there is a chance you may get a cash prize for coming second or third.

Good luck and I hope you win some writing contests.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Infopirate update- blocked account

I was very disappointed to notice my infopirate account has been blocked. If you remember infopirate was a google adsense sharing site I was singing the praises of not so long ago. I made an enormous amount of money from Infopirate earlier today and then when I checked my infopirate account I notice my account has been blocked. I emailed infopirate several times to try and get the matter sorted, but I am not hopeful. My blogger buddy friend also had his account blocked after receiving tens of dollars in earnings.

I hope this is not the end of my time with infopirate but I will continue to use my other google adsense revenue sharing sites, and strive to earn money from google adsense. Hopefully this problem will not have a negative effect on my google adsense account.

I will keep you all informed.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Short free writing contests - July 2009

There are many free writing contests this summer on a variety of different niches. These free writing contests will pay $60 to the winner, and $40, and $30 to second and third place respectively.

Here are a selection of the free writing contests on offer, the closing date is the 14th July.

Sports free writing contests

Cricket- a number of articles on cricket, the ashes, twenty20 cup, hawk eye and more
Volleyball- write about the rules of volleyball, types of serve on volleyball and more.

Other free writing contests

Social networking sites - if you use twitter and facebook this free writing contest could be perfect for you.
Skin Care
July Holidays
Medical- a easy contest for doctors and nurses

Try your luck with a free writing contest, you have nothing to lose.

Remember when trying to win a free writing contest to research your topic inside out, and avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

The more practice you get at writing contests the better you will become. If you do not win a writing contest, if possible read the winner's articles and see what you can improve on.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Google adsense -my first check!!

I have received my first google adsense check for £74.60 ($122) and I am delighted. It took me around 13 months to earn enough for my first google adsense check, and I did this by writing on several blogs and by using xomba and hubpages. However I am pleased to say I earned enough for my google adsense second check last month alone.

As I learn more about google adsense and google adsense revenue sharing sites I am increasing my google adsense earnings on a daily basis. I plan to spend time on google adsense revenue sharing sites including webanswers, infopirate and xomba, as well as updating my multitude of blogs.

I also plan to receive a google adsense check each and every month, and may consider updating my google adsense payment to be deposited directly into my bank account.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

July Earnings Report

Well summer is well and truly here, and with it comes another update on my earnings. All I can say is things are definately looking up for me.

Helium $26 - I was not that active here, and did not write that much but still to come away with $26 is pretty good. The main reason is the increase in page view revenue I seen this month. I got just under $12 for page views.

Triond 77 cents - As I discussed previously, is Triond worth my freelance writing time? I have definately concluded that it is not and I no longer write for Triond. There are many other freelance writing sites to keep me busy.

Associated Content - 62 cents. Associated content is not a great payer for international writers in my opinion. I only write 7 or so articles at Helium a month and yet I manage to around 40 times more.

Adsdaq $1.53- This is a new ad network I have started using. The good news is it can be used on the same page as adsense. Here you display different banners and are paid for US impressions. My traffic is not that great yet but I can see the potential of this ad network and earned over 40 cents one day recently. They payout through paypal when your account has reached $50.

Google Adsense $125 - I saved the best for last, a google adsense record for me. My google adsense earnings are up more than 100% from last month. This is a combination of different things, firstly I have increased my participation in webanswers, xomba and infopirate. Secondly I have updated my blogs more often, and finally I have tracked my adsense channels and seen what made me money. I am currently waiting on my first google adsense check, and now I am glad to have made payout for my second.

Total monthly earnings = around $154, my best month's earnings as yet