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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

July Earnings Report

Well summer is well and truly here, and with it comes another update on my earnings. All I can say is things are definately looking up for me.

Helium $26 - I was not that active here, and did not write that much but still to come away with $26 is pretty good. The main reason is the increase in page view revenue I seen this month. I got just under $12 for page views.

Triond 77 cents - As I discussed previously, is Triond worth my freelance writing time? I have definately concluded that it is not and I no longer write for Triond. There are many other freelance writing sites to keep me busy.

Associated Content - 62 cents. Associated content is not a great payer for international writers in my opinion. I only write 7 or so articles at Helium a month and yet I manage to around 40 times more.

Adsdaq $1.53- This is a new ad network I have started using. The good news is it can be used on the same page as adsense. Here you display different banners and are paid for US impressions. My traffic is not that great yet but I can see the potential of this ad network and earned over 40 cents one day recently. They payout through paypal when your account has reached $50.

Google Adsense $125 - I saved the best for last, a google adsense record for me. My google adsense earnings are up more than 100% from last month. This is a combination of different things, firstly I have increased my participation in webanswers, xomba and infopirate. Secondly I have updated my blogs more often, and finally I have tracked my adsense channels and seen what made me money. I am currently waiting on my first google adsense check, and now I am glad to have made payout for my second.

Total monthly earnings = around $154, my best month's earnings as yet


Anonymous said...

I have been following your writing. You recommend AdSense? I read their terms - they have a clause in there that means that they can charge you for any reason. Also, I read somewhere where they cancel account just before reaching the $100 pay threshold.

Is this true? Thank-you for the tips.


Laura said...

Hi James

I have heard the same comments from a few individuals that use adsense, but so far I have not had any problems. I have also heard more comments from people that are very successful with adsense. I have reached payout twice now and am expecting my second check at the end of this month. It is important to follow the TOS of adsense, ie do not click on your own ads or ask anyone else to click on your ads. Google can detect this. I think this is the main reason people are banned from adsense.