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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Infopirate -another way to earn google adsense revenue

As I strive to earn more and more with google adsense I am always joining new google adsense revenue sharing sites. I was told about infopirate by someone on Xomba, and by the way Xomba still rocks massively for contributely to my adsense earnings.

I joined infopirate a few weeks ago and stupidly added my google adsense id incorrectly into my infopirate account. Please remember to include the ca-pub-, before your publisher number. Infopirate lets you write blogs and add bookmarks. I primarily use the bookmarking feature to draw traffic to my blogs, and it works. I havent posted anything onto infopirate in a week but as soon as I added my adsense publisher number, correctly and monitored my infopirate account in my adsense account, I could see some clicks. I would say this site is well worth it,as brings you traffic and google adsense revenue, what more could you want.

You can add bookmarks in various topics including health, sports, entertainment, business and finance, technology, and many more topics. The good news is that by adding your bookmarks to infopirate you earn 80% of the revenue generated by them, yep 80%. Pretty good for a google adsense revenue sharing site, as most share no more than 60%.

Make more money with adsense, join infopirate today. You get 10% of referral earnings, so if anyone joins under me, leave a comment here and I will help you as best I can.

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