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Monday, 22 June 2009

How to write a complaint email

I am just back from a 5 day break in sunny Portugal, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However I paid extra for a poolside view which I did not get. While the apartment and rest of the holiday was fantastic I do not appreciate paying for something and then not receiving it. Therefore I am writing an email of complaint to the holiday company. I decided to write a post on how to write an email of complaint. If you go about writing a email of complaint the correct way you will surely be reimbursed, whereas if you do not you may not even get a response.

Firstly when sending an email of complaint, start your email with something positive. In my case I am going to say what an excellent holiday I had, and how I was pleased with most of the package. In the next sentence then I will state what I paid for, ie an apartment with a poolside view. I will then go on to say I did not receive this and that I understand there is a massive demand for such a feature but at the same time I feel that I should have been granted what I paid for. Finally it is good to ask for some compensation in as nice as way possible and also mention that you would like to continue using the company in the future as you were pleased with everything else.

When writing a email of complaint make sure you keep your tone polite but to the point. Include any necessary facts and if possible attach any related documents, such as receipts, booking numbers, etc to help strenghten your complaint. If you do not receive a reply from your email of complaint within a week then send another email with a firmer tone.


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