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Monday, 1 June 2009

June Earnings Report

It has come that time of the month again when I let my readers know how much I earned for all the writing activities I done in May. I will start off with my biggest success of the month, which was google adsense. This month I managed to earn my highest ever adsense amount, $49.59, which means I am not awaiting my first google adsense check! This is over double of last month's earnings, and most of this was earned at the beginning of the month. My google adsense earnings are largely attributed to xomba, a freelance writing site which pays you 50% of your adsense earnings. My other writing site earnings are a little disappointing, largely due to the fact that I was on holiday twice and that I was so overwhelmed by my google adsense earnings.

Helium yet again was my best freelance writing site. Here I earned $7.72 in pageviews, which is great considering I wrote very little all month. I earned $1.07 from Associated Content, and only 60 odd cents from Triond. As I only wrote a few articles at Helium I only earned $5 in upfront payments, which is my lowest for some time. I am also pleased to report that I received $2 from entrecard, and my freelance writer job blog is now pr 1!! Onwards and upwards.

As for this month I have another holiday planned so my freelance writing may have to take a back seat. I am also busy with my stock trading. I will find it hard to top my google adsense earnings, but will try. As for Helium I really must do more articles, and improve my writing score. I will aim for $10 in page views from Helium, $1 from Triond and $2 from Associated Content.

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Kenda said...

I have been writing for helium for a while so it is interesting to read your stats. Have you ever sold to Marketplace? Sometimes the money isn't too bad.

I'll have to check out xomba as I have a blog too. You sure take a lot of holidays. :-) Good for you!