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Monday, 15 June 2009

Triond payment received but still not worth it

I have been a member of Triond for a over year now and I ahve to say out of all my freelance writing sites this one pays the least. I have added a few new articles this month, and with 25 articles on this site I have managed to accumulate 42 cents in Triond earnings for the first two weeks in June. Sorry to Triond fans but my time is worth much more than that. I recently posted one of my articles on three of my writing sites and as usual Helium is paying me alot more than Triond and Associated Content put together. With 99 articles on Helium I have over $5 this month so far in page views, and also have earned some upfront payments.

You may ask why do I still use Triond, and the main reason is the low payout, and the fact that you do not have to request it. It is just deposited into your paypal account on the 15th of every month. I do doubt whether any freelance writers are earning more than a hundred dollars a month on triond, whereas I know at Helium this is very plausible.

So am I going to say goodbye to Triond yet, well probably not. They still have some of my articles, and I may as well collect the monthly payments no matter how small they are. I doubt though I will spend anymore time writing for them unless they decide to increase their page view revenue or else offer an upfront payment.

For the record I managed to get paid $1.12 from Triond this month, not great.


JamesDeVere said...

Hello, I like your article. Any alternative Web sites that pay? I would love to know. Cheers . James DeVere

Laura said...

Hi James, I suggest you try Helium, or perhaps Associated. Constant content, brighthub are other higher paying sites.