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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Elance- your source of high paying writing jobs

Throughout the internet there are many freelance writing jobs available and one such source of freelance writing jobs is elance. Elance is an online job site where you can bid on many different jobs including writing and translation jobs. Here you get to set your own hourly rate and decide what jobs to apply for.

Initially you may have to bid on lower paying writing jobs in order to build up your positive feedback, but as soon as you have earned a good reputation the number of high paid freelance writing jobs you will get will increase. The good news is that there are a large number of high paid writing jobs on elance, where buyers will pay writers a substantial amount for SEO articles.

I just done a browse on Elance and found several high paying writing jobs:-

Business coaching focusing on financials- this client is looking for a financial ghostwriter to help them write a book which focuses on how small businesses can make their business more efficient and profitable. If you understand financial terminology then this freelance writing job could be for you. Even better is the fact that it will pay between $5000-$10000. I class this is a very high paid freelance writing job.

Travel ghostwriter - this client is looking for a ghostwriter to write 93 pages for a travel website. He is looking for 44 pages on 44 articles on holiday itineraries, five guides on specific areas, and 44 articles on the most unusual things to do in that country. You can bid on the whole writing job or on part of it. The total amount for the job is set at greater than $1000. Nice change for someone who is interested in travel ghostwriting.

If you are looking for a long term high paying freelance writing job then the long term SEO writer job may be just your thing. Articles here must be 150-400 words and on the topic of gambling. Gambling experience is preferred. Payment here is between $1000-5000, and is a modest amount for a freelance writing job.

If you are into Real Estate then there is a Real Estate related writer needed which pays between $1000-5000.

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Next time I will be back with an update on my freelance writing earnings for May.

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