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Saturday, 23 May 2009

High paying freelance writing jobs - updated

I firstly have to apologise for my delay in posting on freelance writer jobs but I have been firstly to Glasgow for a shopping trip and then on a sun holiday in Spain. But now I am back to update freelance writer jobs.

If you are a freelance writer then you will want the highest paid writing jobs possible, after all time is money. One of the best places to look for high paying writing jobs is Helium Marketplace. Now I know most people associate Helium as a low payer but if you use the marketplace and are successful in selling your articles then you are onto a winner. If you submit several articles to the Marketplace and do not get any sales then you will still be paid an upfront payment (provided you have a writing and rating star)as well as page view payments, so it is a win win situation.

This week there are many high paying writing jobs in the marketplace, lets take a look.

Best foods to fight stress 1000 words, payment is $48, so this works out at $4.80 per hundred words,respectable enough considering normally pay at best $3.50 per 400 words.

Sick- when should you stay home, another 1000 words required for $48

Natural allergy remedies - 1000 words paying $48

Creative methods legal employers can use to retain diverse attorneys, a modest $34 for 600 words, which works out at almost $6 per hundred words

There are well over 20 high paying writing jobs on this site this week and if you write to several of them then you increase your chances of selling an article. Most of these high paying writing jobs are based on health topics so if you like me are an avid health writer get writing. I may write to a few of these titles and if my articles are not selected I can re use them and post them for sale on sites like dailyarticles, and constant content. Plus they will earn me an upfront payment,

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Amanda Evans said...

You are right about the Helium marketplace. I have seen listings for 600 word articles for $120 at some stages and the competition for these articles wasn't very high either. I have won a number of titles on the Helium marketplace over the past few months and when you add these up at the end of the month they can make a significant difference to your monthly paycheck.

I have to say this is my first time to visit your blog and I'm sure I will be back again.