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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Monthly earning report May 2009

It has come to the beginning of a new month and I have decided to start telling my freelance writer jobs readers how much I am earning. Hopefully as the months go by you will see my earnings increase.

The month on a whole was down from last month due to closure of a high paid forum I was doing very well with. Apart from this my biggest success this month was adsense, where I earned almost 4 times what I earned in March, so I am very pleased. As a result of this I am exploring more and more paid advertisement networks. See my next post for a review on a brand new site I have just joined!

Back to my earnings :- was lower this month with me earning $41.69. Hopefully I will obtain my fourth writing star this month and increase my earnings to at least $50.

Associated Content has not updated pageviews for a few days now but I envisage my earnings to be around $2.65 from there, which is a record earning month from AC. I plan to increase this amount to $5 this month.

Google Adsense is my biggest success this month with me earning $23.42. In May I hope to break this record but could be difficult as I shall be away from a pc for a full week in May.

Triond was also very low at 47 cents. If I am being honest Triond is one of the lowest paid writing sites and I do not spend very much time there anymore.

So my plans for May are to write more Helium and Associated Content articles, spend more time on my website, blogs, xomba and webanswers and to increase my earnings and explore new opportunities for freelance writers and bloggers.

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