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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Time for some free writing contests

Many freelance writers enjoy taking part in free writing contests. There are many online writing contests to suit every writer from poetry contests to creative writing contests and beyond.

Here are some of the free writing contests available at the minute:-


There is even one on swine flu which is looking for some written articles on :-

The history of swine flu in Mexico
The origins of the 2009 swine flu outbreak
How to contain the spread of swine flu
How to prevent infection from swine flu
How to prevent swine flu in children
How to treat swine flu

There is also an essay writing contest too.

Jump over to now and enter one of these free writing contests. These free writing contests enable you to earn as much as $60 if you win. Remember you can take part in as many of these online writing contests as you wish.

I shall be absent for the next few days as I am off to glasgow on a shopping spree.

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