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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Freelance writer jobs updates - adsense, and flipping

While I was away in Glasgow I managed to reach payout with google adsense. I have had another very successful month with google adsense and as a result my other freelance writing sites are most definately suffering. This month so far I have made over $40 with google adsense, and there is still another week left. I will have to wait until the second or third week of June before I receive my first adsense check but you can be certain when I get it I will update my freelance writer jobs readers with the good news. In the meantime I will continue to work on all my google adsense sites and make my adsense check a little fatter.

I am constantly planning how to increase my freelance writings earnings with as little effort as possible and I am considering either doing some squidoo lens flipping or website flipping, but as squidoo is free and does not require a paid domian name or hosting, I may try it first. The plan will be to select high paying popular keywords and then create several lens around these keywords. I will create the squidoo lens from scratch and then add backlinks to the squidoo lens and work on them until they reach the first page of google for their particular keyword. I will then charge at least $25 per squidoo lens. If I could work at a steady pace and do several squidoo lens a week after a few months I should be able to manage to sell a few squidoo lens on a weekly basis. If my squidoo lens were really good I could perhaps sell them for $50 or even more depending on the keywords used.

Off I go to my google adsense sharing sites. I am going to write SEO articles in order to help my google adsense revenue on its way

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