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Monday, 27 April 2009

Webanswers - another google adsense revenue sharing site

I thought I would share with my readers another site that pays you through google adsense. The site has been around for a few years and is called It is very similar in format to yahoo answers but with a massive difference, IT PAYS you to provide answers to questions.

You can sign up to the site and after you have posted 10 answers or two awarded answers you are invited to add your google adsense account. By awarded answers I mean answers that the person asking the question has selected as the best answer. These awarded answers are what earn you google adsense revenue. For every awarded question you gain you earn 60% of the adsense revenue on the page where your awarded answer is posted.

There are many different categories on the site from health, to pregnancy, relationships, finance and real estate. Questions are being asked every minute so why not join this site and share what you know. You will not see any earnings immediately but if you gain a few awarded answers here and there the residual income will start to appear. You only earn residual income for one year after your answer has been awarded.

Additionally webanswers also pay you adsense revenue on the site depending on your quality score. If you write high quality posts on a frequent basis and receive a large percentage of rewards then you could gain additional google adsense revenue on other areas of the site as well as on your awarded answers page. In order to improve your quality score make sure your spelling and grammar are without fault, your information is detailed and accurate and in your own words, and you answer the question asked.

I have just started this evening and have posted 12 answers and added my google adsense account so that any earnings can be added to my adsense account. I am very hopeful as this site paid out $2100 to users last month, and the top earners are reported to earn over $500 a month with google adsense from

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