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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Pay day is the best day of the month

Today is my favourite day of the month as I have received payments from both Helium and Associated Content.

Helium pays me much more as I receive upfront payments from there too. Currently I am getting $1.50 per article, and $2.50 for those articles with no titles, so it all adds up. I am aiming for my fourth writing star so that I can increase my upfront payments. I have almost made payout from Helium this month already counting my pending upfront payments and daily revenue sharing.

Associated Content, on the other hand just pays me for page views, but I find it really easy to get page views from there, and recently I received 85 views in one day, with only having 27 articles. Imagine when I have a few hundred!! This month on Associated Content I am already half way to reaching payout. I have no doubt that I will reach the 1000 views by the end of next week.

Right I am off to write about pregnancy and high cholesterol while I watch my residual income roll in.

1 comment:

Bianca Raven said...

Sigh. Laura, I've read your work on AC and Helium and you're wasting your talents there. Imagine charging $20 per article on Constant Content for exactly the same work? That amount of upfront payment would beat waiting 8 months to earn the same money from AC.

You should trust your abilities and give it a shot.