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Sunday, 12 April 2009

How to get your first job with elance

I got my first freelance writer job at elance, it is a paid blogging job whihc involves writing 5 posts a week on ways to get out of debt. I am so thrilled as I know with these online job sites the first job is the hardest one to get. Then when you complete the job successfully and gain positive feedback other opportunites are much easier to get. In saying that I have had to set my rate very low, much lower than I would like but for future opportunities I will be charging more.

I have so many new freelance writers asking me how to get the first job with sites like elance and truth be told it is difficult. But here are six things you should do

1) Pick a job that matches your skill level, ie if a job you are applying for requires use of html and you dont have html knowledge do not apply.
2) Pick a job that has not got many providers bidding for it
3) Set your pay rate low for your first few assignments, then when you get more feedback you can up your rate.
4) Pick a job where you can provide evidence you are suitable. For example for my blogging job on ways to get out of debt, I provided examples of my articles on helium which were about getting out of debt and saving money.
5) Take the different skills tests.
6) Fill out your profile page.

Good luck on getting your first job with elance.

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