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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April fools day but no fooling around from this site!!

April the 1st is traditionally known as April Fool's Day where we play pranks on each other so when I received an email to say I have been paid $95 into my paypal I had to log into my paypal account to prove that this site actually pays, and IT DOES. Yep thats right DESTROY DEBT, the site where you are paid to discuss your debt and ways to reduce it actually pays you. I only joined this site 10 days ago and am so pleased to have received such a large amount of cash from them. I will surely stay active on this site now and spread the word to others that DESTROY DEBT PAYS.

Dont get me wrong since the pay is now reduced to no payment for a blog post, and only 2 cents per forum post, and 2 cents per blog comment earnings will be reduced, but I am still confident that in one month time I will be telling you all that I have received another payment for at least $30!! They still pay for views of any forum threads you create and and blog posts you write, and with a rate of $5 for 1000views you surely cannot complain.

The challenge is on, wanna help me reach $30??

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