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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Infobarrel - high paying freelance writing google adsense revenue sharing site

Infobarrel is a high paying freelance writing site which pays users 75% of their google adsense earnings from their articles. On infobarrel you can visit the things to do area, and find a list of suggested articles to write too. This is good for those freelance writers that are not good at coming up with ideas themselves. You can write an article on a variety of channels including culture, mathematics, science, health, geography, people,and much more.

Before you can earn any google adsense from Infobarrel you must become preapproved.

How to get preapproved at Infobarrel?

It is easy to get approved at Infobarrel, you need to be a member of Infobarrel for 14 days, and have either 10 submitted articles or 50 quality edits.

Once you are a approved member at Infobarrel you can watch your google adsense earnings accumulate. To increase your google adsense earnings at Infobarrel you can participate in the contests. Some contests offer winners Amazon gift cards as well as greater share of google adsense revenue, sometimes up to 90% of your adsense earnings.

It is thought that in the future Infobarrel may reward users with some credit for editing articles. Infobarrel also pays you 2% of your referrals google adsense earnings. The site is gaining increasing traffic day by day thanks to it's quality freelance writers. Currently it has an alexa rank of 28 000, which is pretty amazing since it is only one year old. In my opinion it is one of the better google adsense revenue sharing sites.

Join Infobarrel google adsense revenue sharing site today and increase your google adsense revenue.

As always anyone that joins a freelance writing site through me, will gain my help in promoting their articles, and increasing their google adsense revenue.

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