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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Infopirate update- blocked account

I was very disappointed to notice my infopirate account has been blocked. If you remember infopirate was a google adsense sharing site I was singing the praises of not so long ago. I made an enormous amount of money from Infopirate earlier today and then when I checked my infopirate account I notice my account has been blocked. I emailed infopirate several times to try and get the matter sorted, but I am not hopeful. My blogger buddy friend also had his account blocked after receiving tens of dollars in earnings.

I hope this is not the end of my time with infopirate but I will continue to use my other google adsense revenue sharing sites, and strive to earn money from google adsense. Hopefully this problem will not have a negative effect on my google adsense account.

I will keep you all informed.


tango said...

I hope your issue gets resolved quickly. I signed up for an account with them, but I haven't really had the time to find out exactly if I like infopirate or not.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Good luck.

Laura said...

Thanks for replying. I do not think I will get my account back. For me it is back to xomba, my blogs and webanswers

JavaMan said...

Hi - I am a moderator for Infopirate. If you send me your user name I will find out why your account was blocked and see if it can be reinstated. You can give me your username in response to this post or send and email to

Laura said...

Oh my username is LauraT2009

JavaMan said...

Laura - I reviewed your posts that are still on Infopirate. Cannot see anything there that would have caused blocking.

Did you receive any info at all from infopirate as to why the account was blocked.

Usually blocking occurs if they find you have more than one account, or in the event of continued submission of posts that are in violation of Adsense standards.

You could send me an email to if you have any info you don't want published on the net. With a little more info to determine what you might have been doing wrong I would be willing to get permission for you to reopen a new infopirate account using your same adsense code.

Laura said...

I sent an email. Can I open another account with the same adsense id?