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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Google adsense -my first check!!

I have received my first google adsense check for £74.60 ($122) and I am delighted. It took me around 13 months to earn enough for my first google adsense check, and I did this by writing on several blogs and by using xomba and hubpages. However I am pleased to say I earned enough for my google adsense second check last month alone.

As I learn more about google adsense and google adsense revenue sharing sites I am increasing my google adsense earnings on a daily basis. I plan to spend time on google adsense revenue sharing sites including webanswers, infopirate and xomba, as well as updating my multitude of blogs.

I also plan to receive a google adsense check each and every month, and may consider updating my google adsense payment to be deposited directly into my bank account.

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