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Saturday, 1 August 2009

August- Earnings report

I cannot believe it is the 1st August already so it is time once again to update my readers with my July earnings, and what a fabulous month I had.

Firstly I did not write anything for Helium, Triond or Associated Content as I am concentrating on google adsense. However I managed to do much better on all three sites this month earning wise.

Helium earned me $17.20 for pageviews alone. Now I really wish I had written something on Helium to boost my earnings to $25.

Triond earned me $0.76, so I will receive a small payment from there

Associated Content earned me $1.70, so I qualify for a payment from there too

Adsdaq, the new advertising I have on all my blogs, earned me $6.88, a massive improvement on last months, however still not enough for the $50 payment.

I have saved the best to last, google adsense earned me $421. I am still experiencing great success with my google adsense revenue sharing sites, plus I have started some more niche blogs. I am going to have a hard time this month beating last months total!!

Total earnings $447.54, almost three times last months earnings!!


Mz. Eb. said...

Well done! I think you've done amazingly well with Google Adsense. Good on you. All the best this month.

take care...

Rahul said...

Why don't you change this blog theme. I am not able to read any thing..But desperate to read your progress.
nice progress.