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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Success with Destroy debt forum- Ive made $32 in 4 days!

In my last post I introduced a new paid to post forum I joined, called destroy debt, well I am very pleased to tell you it has worked out very well for me over there. Currently I have over $32 in my account and I have barely posted anything the last few days, and this is due to the work of a few active referrals, thanks to them. I shall be checking out all their blog posts, and forum posts so that they can earn more from their page views. I may as well give them something back in return for their efforts.

Despite this current success of Destroy debt the admin there has had to bring in some changes commencing the 1st April due to a surge in member participation. To be honest many people were abusing the system and posting several 5 word responses to gain their 5 cents, so he has now changed the payment to 2 cents per post in the forum and 2 cents per blog comment, which is still a high rate. Additionally the discussions in the general discussion will not earn you money anymore, as these were not relevant to debt. Blog posts will also not earn you 20 cents anymore as here too people were trying to post as many as possible. However you still can earn a massive $5 per 1000 views of your blog posts, which is more than some sites like pay.

Do not take these changes as bad news as there is still huge potential to earn from this forum. I shall be aiming for $30 a month from this paid to post forum and will spend 30 minutes each day on my destroy debt blog and on the destroy debt forum in order to achieve this.

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