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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Associated Content- can I reach clout 10 by the end of 2009

As you know I love participating in revenue sharing sites and Associated Content is another one where I spend some time. As I am from the UK I do not receive upfront payments on this site so all my articles are submitted as display only and I earn from performance payments. Currently I only have 20 articles published, a clout index of 4, and under 3000 page views and receive $1.50 per thousand views. In order to get to clout 10 and earn $2 per thousand views I need 1 million page views, so I am 998 000 or so short.

However as you are entitled to up to 200% bonus on your page views if you have 200 articles, you can gain clout levels much faster. My page views are currently around 2300 and I have 20 articles so I get 20% bonus on them meaning my clout index is based on 2760 views. As I publish more content more page views will come, and a higher percentage will be added on to my page views. If I had 200 articles I would have over 6000 page views and would be on clout 5.

To get to clout 10 as soon as possible I will be writing 180 more articles relatively quickly. I would only need 333 333 page views with 200 articles to reach clout 10, doesnt seem as bad as 998 000 page views.

Help me get more page views

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