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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Easiest ways to increase daily google adsense revenue

If you use google adsense as a source of income and you are not happy that your google adsense revenue is increasing as much as you would like there are several things you can do. Increasing your daily google adsense revenue will take some work but will be worth it.

Firstly it makes sense you need to write more in order to increase your daily google adsense revenue. If you have a website or blog make sure you add blog posts on a daily basis. This means the search engines will index your posts and your blog post will appear in many updated feeds. If you work for a google adsense revenue sharing site the same applies. Taking webanswers as an example, try and answer a set number of questions each day and ask a set number too. After a month or so you should see an increase in your daily google adsense revenue.

Secondly write on some niche blogs. Blogs are free to create, all you have to do is keep them up to date. I have several niche blogs as well as a current trends blog. I try to post on each of these blogs several times a week in order to increase traffic and also to increase daily google adsense revenue. However it is hard to stay committed to several blogs. If I can sustain traffic and daily google adsense revenue to a particular blog I may hire a writer to update it for me

Another good way to increase your daily google adsense revenue is to write on current trends. Current trends are searched for by billions of people worldwide so if you write a good story with suitable keywords and a catchy title you could get lots of visitors. Thousands of visitors are a great way to increase daily google adsense revenue. I may try and do a weekly post suggesting some current hot trends for people to write on. I never have enough time to exploit all trends so I may as well share them.

Finally employ SEO. Many people find SEO difficult so I think I will try a do a post on how to use SEO for beginners some time soon. Basically SEO focuses on selecting a keyword. The keyword selected should be popular and with little competition. Therefore when you write a blog post with this keyword in the correct keyword density your blog should rank high in google search. However this depends on how many backlinks you have to your blog, the page rank of your blog, and the other competing sites page rank and backlinks for this particular keyword.


Leandraluv said...

Thanks for the advice. I will try and do what you say to hopefully increase my adsense earnings. I write for hubpages and I have a blog but neither bring in anything significant.. actually nothing much at all. I make a couple dollars a day from webanswers but I am sticking with it and being hopeful!

Leandraluv said...

Oh and one other thing.. I look forward to reading your blog on SEO for beginners and also to read more on the trends! :-)