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Saturday, 30 January 2010

How to earn more money on Webanswers

I have been asked by many people how to succeed on webanswers or how to earn money on webanswers and now I have decided to help all you webanswers fans out by posting some tips on how I use webanswers to make me over $100 each month. Before I start I do not spend all day on webanswers and during this last month I would say I have spent under 10 hours either asking or answering questions on webanswers and still managed over $160. That equates to $16 an hour.

The best ways to make money on webanswers or indeed any revenue sharing site are the same.

1) Quality- If you are asking or answering a question make sure you are specific and incorporate true facts and detail.
2) Use popular high paying keywords, check out the adwords keyword tool for finding keywords and their estimated cpc. Pick a keyword that is popular and has a high click vale.
3) Quantity - the more answers and questions you post the bigger chance you have of gaining more revenue. I aim to answer at least 100 questions a month and ask at least 50.
4) Create backlinks to your rewarded answers and any questions you ask. By creating backlinks not only are you increasing the traffic to your content you are also helping to boost webanswers visibilty in the search engines as a whole. Webanswers is currently page rank 4, if it gets to 5 we will see another surge in earnings and traffic I am sure as answers will rank higher. There are many sites you can use to backlink to your content including xomba,snipsly, hubpages, squidoo, infobarrel and others.

By following these tips you should see your earnings grow month by month and you should make enough money from webanswers to get a google adsense check each month after answering as little as 500-1000 questions.

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Lorenzo said...

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k said...

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